TWO Pakistani HC staff in Colombo sent a three Sri Lankan Muslim’s to India on a terror launch attacks in India.

Pakistan PM_1It is believed that the Sri Lankan government is working closely with the Pakistan government to terrorise the Tamil Nadu government as a ‘thanks for helping it to kill the Tamils in thousands in May 2009’ and supporting it in UN resolution. The Sonia’s government which has no support what’s so ever in Tamil Nadu is mum about the terror threat from Pakistan. The Pakistan government has NOT said a word about the arrest and it’s government department sending terrorists to India.

The names of two ‘officials’ working in the Pakistan High Commission in Sri Lanka Colombo have been included in an FIR (First Information Report) filed in Chennai on Thursday against Mohammed Zahir Hussain, a Sri Lankan from Kandy suspected to be an agent of Pakistan government’s external spy outfit, the Inter Services Intelligence (ISI).

Highly placed police sources in Chennai claimed that the 37-year-old Hussain allegedly told the investigators of the Q Branch Police that he was sent by the Pakistani duo working in the HC of Sri Lanka to India to target national assets and launch attacks in parts of Tamil Nadu. The Sri Lankan Government has been opposed by the Tamil Nadu government for its Human Rights abuses and killing of more than 40,000 Tamil Civilians in May 2009 with the Military support of Pakistan Government.

Hussain was arrested on on April 29 from an undisclosed location on various charges, including circulating counterfeit Indian currency.

The names of the officials identified as Siddiq and Sha were included following Hussain’s confession. Asked whether the officials had been charged for any ‘specific offences,’ a senior police official said: “The offence is waging war against India. It is true that their names are there on the FIR. There is absolutely no doubt that the two officials had a role.” He declined to be identified.

Investigations have revealed that Hussain was part of a larger ISI mission to target critical national assets and some foreign consulates in India. Hussain was also convicted of offences related to human trafficking and imprisoned in Singapore, Thailand and in Sri Lanka. ISI handlers in Colombo decided to “use his services,” based on his “solid field work” in human trafficking, sources said.

He had also confessed to having gathered important details related to vital installations, including topography of American and Israeli consulates in Chennai and Bangalore, respectively, besides naval establishments in Visakhapatnam (Andhra Pradesh) and Kochi (Kerala).

The sources said Hussain has admitted to having assisted in procuring fake Sri Lankan passports for two more persons, also suspected to be ISI agents, to visit India. Tamil Nadu police are on search for the next two Pakistan terrorists hiding in India, possibly in safe heaven of Sri Lankan HC officers.

Suspected ISI agent wanted to set up wide network in South India