UK Muslims stage demo demanding ‘safeguarding of Human Rights’

8 DummY Muslim MinistersSri Lankan Muslims living in the UK staged a demonstration against the Sri Lankan government demanding that their rights as well as those of other minorities be safeguarded.

The Muslims have lost faith in the 8 Dummy Ministers who are accused of personally benefiting from their Ministry posts and are NOT doing anything against the violence against Muslims by hardcore Buddhists Monks called BBS with the support of Sri Lankan police and Defence Ministry. The 8 Ministers will loose their Ministry post if they question the Rajapaksha’s racists policies. The selfish Muslim politicians have failed to grasp the grave danger that has already engulfed Muslim community in Sri Lanka.

Inside Story – The Torching Muslim Owned Shop with the police support

A group of nearly three hundred radical Buddhist extremists have burned down a Muslim owned shop in Aluthgama town on 8/5/14. This was not coincidently happened attack on the shop of this innocent Muslim businessman rather this was a premeditated racist attack to destroy the livelihood of this man. There is no shadow doubt that this attack was initiated and carried out with the support of Police, BBS and some Buddhist radicals of this area. After all this happened to Muslims in Sri Lanka in broad day light, no constructive steps have been taken yet, neither by this government or Muslim politicians to stop this anti-communal activities. 

The agitation was held opposite the Sri Lankan High Commission in London last week. It is common that Tamils in UK to demonstrate against Sri Lanka. Non-Sri Lankan Muslims in the UK protested against Sri Lanka on an earlier occasion, but this was the first time that Lankan Muslims agitated. A sizeable number of Lankan Muslims turned up for the protest. Later, they demonstrated in front of the British Prime Minister’s official resident No. 10, Downing Street.

Demonstrators held placards with slogans such as

  • “Punish human rights violators who take the law into their hands”,
  • “Mr. President, respect all religions equally”,
  • “Protect the equal rights of all races”,
  • “BBS is a curse for Sri Lanka’s unity”,
  • “We are for unity, not for enmity”,
  • “Mr. President, take immediate action against BBS”
  • “Stop Bodu Bala Sena now”.

Rishad files a case against the BBS

One of the important constituencies that the government seems to have lost in recent times is the Muslim community.   The attacks on them by Sinhalese nationalist groups, such as the BBS, have alienated them from the government.  There is a perception that these Sinhalese groups are supported by sections within the government.  It would be in the interests of the government to distance itself from these attacks in a manner that would restore the balance.

In a noteworthy development Minister Rishard Bathiudeen has filed action in the courts against one of these groups. He has taken this action when the entire Muslim community feels helpless and vulnerable in the face of anti-Muslim sentiment which is being spread by these groups, and even against the violence perpetrated against the community.   Members of the BBS not only entered his ministry premises by force, they have also denounced him for allegedly resettling Muslims who were displaced during the war in an illegal manner in the Wilpattu wildlife park.  Minister Bathiudeen has rejected these allegations and has demanded either an apology or a legal judgment in his favour. There is no doubt that Minister Bathiudeen’s actions will obtain for him the support of many within the Muslim community.

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