Fundamentalists in the Government

chambika-wimalA Government Minister says there are fundamentalists within the Government who work according to their personal agendas.

Minister of Botanical Gardens and Public Recreation Jayarathne Herath says the fundamentalists speak on religious issues but their main goal is to win votes.

The Minister said that the public had never accused the Sri Lanka Freedom Parry (SLFP) of racism and never rejected the party over similar lines.

However he says now some people who joined the SLFP led Government are fundamentalists and are damaging the middle line taken by the party over the years.

He noted that among the fundamentalists are Muslim and Sinhala Buddhist fundamentalists who operate with ulterior motives.

“These people are not trying to promote religion. They are targeting their voter base,” the Minister said.

The Minister also noted that these “fundamentalists” operate in this manner only since they are in the Government and wouldn’t do so if they were in the opposition.