Mahinda group asks PM Ranil to say that the Field Marshal is a mental patient!

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Sinhala racist MP Udaya Gammanpila stated that Field Marshal Sarath Fonseka has put the lives of over 300,000 Sinhala soldiers in danger by stating that he will provide evidence against Military personnel who committed war crimes against Tamils during the war. More than 40000 Tamil Civilians were killed in May 2009 alone by the Sri Lankan Sinhala soldiers. More than 1000 LTTE Leaders and their family members were killed after they surrendered with White Flag. The surrender was negotiated by the UN officers. Even 14 year old child of LTTE Leader was killed after he had surrendered with White Flag as per UN officials instruction. Speaking to the Media at a press briefing today, MP Gammanpila stated that the only way to save the lives […]

Nothing wrong in 600 million fraud – Mahinda

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Former President Mahinda Rajapaksa visited his former Presidential Secretariat Lalith Weeratunga and the former TRC Director General Anusha Palpitiya at the Welikada Prison Hospital earlier today (11). The Former President was accompanied by his Former Ministers MP Prof.G.L.Peiris and MP Wimal Weerawansa.  While speaking to the media, the former President stated that unfortunately, Lalith Weeratunga was not physically stale and that his state of health was upsetting. He also mentioned that Lalith Weeratunga was being treated by a team of specialist doctors. Interestingly all the Sri Lankan politicians who are found guilty of fraud by courts are bound to fall ill once the court verdicts are given but with the influence of other senior government politicians they are able to go home or get special treatment […]

Anti-Govt activists are trying to paint Lalith as a martyr – Ven.Uditha Thero

11th September 2017 // 0 Comments Secretary of the National Bhikku Peramuna, Ven. Wakumulla Uditha Thero alleged that a large scale operation has been launched by the parties engaged in the frauds of the past regime, to win a saintly ideology for former President’s secretary Lalith Weerathunga through his imprisonment. “The former government is the most corrupted regime in Sri Lankan history. The offenders of the Rajapakse regime are trying to win a new ideology for those who were imprisoned due to their shortcomings and to mislead the law” stated the Thero  while addressing a media briefing held today(11). “An uncertainty prevails among the public that the punishment given to the verdict might change although he was sentenced to a three-year imprisonment.” “However, the law does not exempt allegations that […]

Bell Pottinger, which worked for Lanka, suspended for five years

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Bell Pottinger, a British-based public relations firm which the former Sri Lankan Government hired for work both in that country and in the United States, has been slapped with sanctions. The Public Relations and Communications Association (PRCA), the professional body in Britain has declared that Bell Pottinger breached its charter and two clauses of its code of conduct. This was over the company’s campaign for South Africa’s Gupta family and the PRCA said it was likely to “inflame racial discord.” Bell. Bell Pottinger cannot re-apply for PRCA membership for at least five years. The PRCA’s professional practices committee found Bell Pottinger‘s campaign was “likely to inflame racial discord in South Africa and appears to have done exactly that”. PRCA Director General Francis Ingham was quoted […]

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Speech at 3rd Annual Tamil Fest

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Nandri! Vanakkam! Thank you, Gary, for your kind introduction and for your incredibly hard work for the Tamil community and for all communities. How about a big round of applause for Gary? And thank you, big round of applause for all our great MP’s who work so hard across the GTA. It’s great to be back in Scarborough for Tamil Fest again this year. I’m happy to report that my Kothu Roti is getting better, which I know you’ll all appreciate. My friends, this event has become a real staple in the community – I’m told we’re expecting over 200,000 people this weekend, which is amazing. I’m sure when Raj, Danton, and David started Tamil Fest 3 years ago, they didn’t expect it to take […]

New Constitution will lead to Tamil Eealm – Gota

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Alleging that proposed new Constitution would give separatists what they had failed to achieve through terrorism, wartime Defence Secretary Gotabhaya Rajapaksa yesterday said, vowing to defeat the project. The proposed constitutional reforms were meant to appease the LTTE rump, pro-LTTE Diaspora and a section of foreign powers, Rajapaksa said, lambasting the ruling UNP-SLFP government for seeking to divide post-war Sri Lanka on ethnic lines. Rajapaksa said so at the launching of ‘Eliya-Illuminating Aspirations’ at the Golden Rose, Borelesgamuwa. The Gajaba Regiment veteran urged the public to resist the government project to appease the separatist lobby. Rajapaksa was the keynote speaker on the topic of ‘Out of the Darkness-the crisis of constitutional change.’ The event attracted a large number of professionals, including artistes, doctors, engineers, lawyers, […]

Action would be taken against MP’s who will expose the War Crimes committed by the country’s security forces

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Leader of the House Lakshman Kiriella said today that Field Marshal Sarath Fonseka’s statement on former Army Commander Jagath Jayasuriya was not the stance of the Government and that it was his personal opinion. Joint Opposition MP Dinesh Gunawardane a known anti Tamil and a close associate of Mahinda Rajapaksha questioned whether Field Marshal Fonseka’s statement on Ex General Jayasuriya represented the Government’s policy. Laksman told Parliament that the NEW Government would never imprison Army Commanders (even if they have committed War Crimes?). Gunawardane asked what action would be taken against MP’s who will expose the War Crimes committed  by the country’s security forces. He also asked the Foreign Minister to explain the details of the legal action being taken against General Jayasuriya and any other members […]

Elle Gunawansa Thera is a mad man in robes: SF

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Field Marshal Sarath Fonseka yesterday called Ven. Elle Gunawansa Thera, who condemned the statement he made with regards to war crime charges, a mad man in robes. “That monk is mad. That’s all I have to say,” he said in response to a question asked by a journalist after the 71st anniversary celebrations of the UNP held at the party headquarters, Sirikotha. Speaking further, Minister Fonseka said the Thera had never visited him or helped him as claimed by certain news reports.”This monk is simply trying to score marks for the things that others did,” he said. Responding to the assurance given by the President that he won’t allow anyone to touch General (retired) Jagath Jayasuriya, the minister said the President meant no international faction […]

Fonseka will be removed from his ministerial post.

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MP Wimal Weerawansa criticized former Army Commander Sarath Fonseka for saying Sri Lanka must cooperate with  any international inquiry into war crimes.   Wimal Weerawansa said yesterday Minister and Field Marshal Sarath Fonseka should be removed from his portfolio for making a treacherous statement on ex-army commander Jagath Jayasuriya.  “Channel 4 is making allegations against Mr. Jayasuriya. Mr. Fonseka’s allegations will fuel such sinister moves. If there are any complaints, there are ways of taking action against the wrongdoers. It is not his duty or responsibility to make statements which betray the army,” Mr. Weerawansa said. Leader of the Pivithuru Hela Urumaya (PHU), Parliamentarian Udaya Gammanpila says that former Army Commander Field Marshal Sarath Fonseka should be arrested immediately for treason in accordance with the Penal Code. […]

‘ I will not allow anyone in the world to touch Jagath Jayasuriya or any other military chief’ says Sri Lankan President – Promises to protect all War Criminals in the Military.

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Sri Lanka’s president on Sunday vowed to protect his former ambassador to six South American nations, an ex-army chief accused of crimes in the bloody final phase of the country’s civil war. “I state very clearly that I will not allow anyone in the world to touch Jagath Jayasuriya or any other military chief or any war hero in this country,” President Maithripala Sirisena said on Sunday, addressing a convention of his Sri Lanka Freedom Party. Sirisena’s statement came a week after rights groups filed criminal lawsuits in South America against Jayasuriya, who until last week served as the country’s envoy to Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Peru and Suriname. The suits are based on Jayasuriya’s role as a commander in the final phase of Sri Lanka’s civil war […]

Who killed Cock Robin? Vithya murder trial reaches final phase

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By Ananth Palakidnar reporting from Jaffna The Trial-at-Bar hearing on the gruesome murder of 17-year-old schoolgirl Vithya Sivaloganathan of Punkuduthivu is now on its final phase with the end of defence submissions on 29 August at the Jaffna High Court. The tragedy occurred on 13 May 2015 when the innocent schoolgirl Vithya was on her way to Punkuduthivu Maha Vidyalaya. Punkuduthivu is an islet connected to Jaffna by the Pannai causeway. Several of the big time businessmen in Jaffna and in Colombo hailed from Punkuduthivu. However, agriculture and fishing remain as prime livelihood activities in the Pukuduthivu islet. The islet has also produced several leading professionals in various fields including one of the prime witnesses, former Dean of the Colombo Law Faculty, V.T. Thamilmaran. Trial-at-Bar […]

Ambassador Jayasuriya was advised to leave Brazil immediately.

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Threat of international war crimes probe? ‘Fonseka to testify against Jayasuriya’ by Bandu de Silva Former Ambassador I refer to the news item in today’s The island (Saturday 2nd September 2017) and would like to comment on contracts on which non-career ambassadors are appointed by the Sri Lankan Foreign Ministry, to create public awareness in search of truth. I do so with my background as a former Director General and Ambassador and Director of Overseas Administration in the Foreign Ministry whose duties included preparation of contracts to be signed by non -career ambassadors, and also one who served with 12 heads of mission appointed on contract. There is something fishy about the content of the local media reports. They speak of General Jayasuriya claiming he took […]

Minister Sarath Fonseka Vs Brazil Ambassador Jayasuriya

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Former Army Commander Field Marshal Fonseka had said that Defence Secretary Gotabhaya Rajapaksa had ordered the killing of some surrendering LTTE leaders in May 2009. But once given the Minister post by Maithiri-Ranil team he closed his mouth now Fonseka has said he is ready to testify against Maj. Gen. Jayasuriya a close associate of Gotabhaya and produce evidence in support of his claims. What will he be offered by Ranil- Maithiri for not telling the truth about the war crimes committed by the Maj.Gen. is a question mark. The White flag surrender was negotiated between Sri Lankan Government Leaders and LTTE Leaders by the UN officials in May 2009 and the LTTE Leaders surrendered with White flag. Few political leaders and their family members were killed […]

Regional Development Minister Sarath Fonseka Ready to Testify Against Jagath Jayasuriya if Ex-Army Chief is Tried for Alleged war Crimes.

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By Upali de Saram and Norman Palihawadane Regional Development Minister Field Marshal Sarath Fonseka yesterday said he was ready to give evidence against his successor in the army, General Jagath Jayasuriya if the latter was tried for war crimes. Field Marshal Fonseka said he had received information that General Jayasuriya had committed various offences as the Commandant of the Vanni range. Fonseka said that when he was the commander of the army Jayasuriya had been tasked to head supplies and rehabilitation work in Vavuniya. There was information that Jayasuriya had misused his position but due action could not be taken as the then Secretary Defence Gotabhaya Rajapaksa was protecting Jayasuriya, Fonseka said. The Field Marshal said he was ready to make information in his possession […]

Fonseka says ready to testify against Jayasuriya, as servicemen question why he is not accused

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Sri Lanka’s former army commander, Sarath Fonseka on Friday said he was ready to testify against the former military commander, Jagath Jayasuriya who has been accused of war crimes.  “At that time, I had several complaints against him. It was to do with crimes against suspects in his custody,” Fonseka was quoted by AP as saying, adding that My Jayasuriya was responsible for detained LTTE cadres. “As I started an investigation, the then rulers removed me as army commander.” “If there are proper legal proceedings then I am prepared to stand as a witness,” Mr Fonseka told a press conference. The Daily Mirror quoted Mr Fonseka as saying: “I received complaints that Mr. Jayasuriya was engaged in crimes as Vanni commander with regard to those who were arrested. […]

Crossfire between military top brass over ‘war crimes’ will put President Maithri in a political mess

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BY GAGANI WEERAKOON President Maithripala Sirisena is to spell-out his plans on the continuity of the alliance with the UNP today at the 66th Convention of the Sri Lanka Freedom Party (SLFP) at the Campbell Park in Colombo. The 66th Convention today will be crucial, as the party is already facing a challenge of deciding its path to future elections with the majority of its stalwarts threatening to either quit the government if it continues to be a UNP-SLFP joint government. The government is lready crippled by many of SLFP seniors, with a massive vote base, joining the Joint Opposition, following party deciding to oust them from their respective organizer posts and President Sirisena having to appoint a host of fresh electoral and district organizers. […]

On alleged war crimes I am willing to testify in any Court (IN SRI LANKA NOT IN INTERNATIONAL COURT) – Gen. Jayasuriya

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On alleged war crimes I am willing to testify in any Court (IN SRI LANKA NOT IN INTERNATIONAL COURT). By Sulochana Ramiah Mohan Retired General Jagath Jayasuriya (69) said he is willing to testify in any Court, regardless of its name, on alleged war crimes he is accused of in various reports, but in a government-led process. In an extensive interview with Ceylon Today, he said, “If the country has accepted a mechanism to sort it out, then we have to face it. If we are summoned, we cannot refuse to go for that inquiry. All must be lined up and inquired.” When asked whether he would accept a Special Court, as the Government has assured the UN, to try alleged war crimes that could […]

I didn’t know ‘War Crime’ was happening on the war front

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Rajapakshe did not take a concrete action to save us from War Crime, He was in denial and not allowing anything to happen. Maithiri + Ranil government has a different approach to save us, but nothing is happening. Accusations: Investigate the Ambassador over war crimes, sexual assaults and torture, the indiscriminate shelling of a hospital and preventing humanitarian assistance reaching the civilians. By Sulochana Ramiah Mohan Tall and well-built, retired Army General, Jagath Jayasuriya, who was posted in Brazil as the Sri Lankan Ambassador, is back in town with mounted allegations against him related to his posts as a military man and an ambassador. He said that although he was the Vanni Commander, he was not on the frontlines and it was Army Commander General Sarath Fonseka […]

Racist Ex-President Mahinda Rajapaksa ”PROMISES his famous 13+ lie” to Sampanthan again!

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By D.B.S.Jeyaraj Ex-President Mahinda Rajapaksa Former Sri Lankan President and Kurunegala District MP Mahinda Rajapaksa and Leader of the Opposition and Trincomalee district MP Rajavarothayam Sampanthan have engaged in significant political discussions at a one on one meeting without aides this week. The 45 minute meeting took place at Mahinda Rajapaksa’s residence in Wijerama Mawatte Colombo on August 29th following an invitation extended by the former president to the Tamil National alliance(TNA) leader for a one on one meeting to discuss current political matters. The meeting began at 3.30 PM The Opposition leader responded positively and met with the former president for in depth discussions conducted cordially. Both leaders engaged in closed door talks without any others being present. Opposition Leader Rajavarothayam Sampanthan After the political […]

Mothers Of The Disappeared And Civic Responsibility

1st September 2017 // 0 Comments After renowned journalist, actor and poet Richard De Zoysa was abducted and murdered, his mother, Dr. Manorani Saravanamuttu, famously called herself the “luckiest mother in Sri Lanka”, because unlike thousands of others, she was fortunate enough to see her son’s body. De Zoysa was one of approximately 65,000 people who have been forcefully disappeared during Sri Lanka’s short but bloody history of insurrections and ethnic civil war. His mother would go on to become an iconic figure, serving as coordinator of the Mother’s Front—a coalition of mothers of the disappeared from across the country demanding answers regarding enforced disappearances. The movement was a watershed moment in the history of activism in Sri Lanka. Unlike many of the struggles that preceded it, this was a movement led almost […]

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