TNA gathers public support for probe

sumithiranThe Tamil National Alliance (TNA) has begun holding public meetings to gather support for the international investigation over alleged human rights abuses said to have been committed during the war.

TNA MP M.A. Sumanthiran said that meetings are being held in all the districts in order to explain to the Tamils the importance of the investigation which was authorized by the UN Human Rights Council in March.

He said that the investigation is expected to begin in around two weeks time and the TNA wants to prepare the public to give evidence to the commission which will conduct the investigation, if required.

The UN Human Rights Council had in March adopted a U.S. sponsored resolution which calls for an investigation into alleged war crimes committed between 2002 and 2009.

The investigation is to be conducted by a commission appointed by the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights but the Government has said it will not allow the investigation to be conducted inside Sri Lanka.

“We understand the investigation will begin in two weeks time. By then our people can be prepared to reveal the truth,” Sumanthiran said.

The TNA MP meanwhile reiterated that the TNA will not join the Parliament Select Committee (PSC) on the national issue as the TNA feels the goal of the PSC is to abolish the 13th Amendment to the constitution.

Sumanthiran said that even India had never pushed the TNA to join the PSC as India knows the process will go against Tamil interests. (Colombo Gazette)

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