Tamil Eelam Football Team At “World Football Cup 2014”

Tamil Eelam Football Team 2014A football team representing “The Tamil Eelam Football Association” will play their first match of the 2014 ConIFA World Football Cup today against Arameans Suryoye.

However, there is no recognized ‘country’ in the world named ‘Tamil Eelam’. FIFA also does not recognize a country by the name of ‘Tamil Eelam’.

The players trained for the first time since their arrival from their training camp in Norway on Sunday, with all the players fit for the big match.

According to Pro-Eelam website Tamil Guardian, this is the third tournament that the Tamils are taking part in after a respectable 7th place finish in the team’s debut in the VIVA World Cup in Kurdistan 2 years ago, and an incredible 3rd place at a friendly tournament on the Isle of Man last year.

However, the website states that the tournament, which kicked off yesterday, will see nations which are not recognised by FIFA, play against each other to lift the trophy. In that sense there is no obstacle for the ‘Tamil Eelam’ football team to take part in this football tournament.

Tamil Eelam is in Group A and will meet two high quality teams, in Kurdistan and Aramean Suryoye, who are both rated highly by bookmakers to win the tournament. Both teams played each other on Sunday, with the Arameans beating Kurdistan 2:1.

Head Coach Ragesh Nambiar is hoping the team’s fitness and the quick pace of the young players will give Tamil Eelam the advantage over their experienced opponents.

“Although both Kurdistan and the Arameans are both amongst the favourites to win the tournament, we are fancying our chances. Their match gave us an idea of how we can exploit the tactical weaknesses of both teams,” he had told the website ‘Tamil Guardian.’

Almost all players of the Tamil Eelam football team are residents of countries such as France, Germany, the UK and Canada.

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