Minister Mervyn Urges Sinhala Women To Contact him for further assistance If they Have Problems In Having Children

Minister MervynPublic Relations Minister Dr. Mervyn Silva has urged women to contact him if and when they have problem in having children. 

 “The Sinhala race is rapidly becoming a minority and my only only request to the Sinhalese is to produce children as much as possible to avoid extinction of their race,” the Minister said addressing a function in Wattala, which was organized by his ministry. 
“There is no point in lamenting over this problem, We need to act fact. If any woman has a problem in having children, I kindly request her to contact me for further assistance,” the Minister, who also holds a ‘Doctorate’, said.
“The United People’s Freedom Alliance, led by the Sri Lanka Freedom Party, is one big family. The mother and father of that family is none other than President Mahinda Rajapaksa . We must not allow anyone to disrupt that familial bond, There is no one who knows about the Rajapaksa family better than me. I too hail from Beliatta which is nothing but a Rajapaksa stronghold. I can even set a Guinness record only by talking about the Rajapaksa family and their history,” the Minister said.
However, in his speech, the Minister did not respond to allegations over buying a new house from the US and his secret meeting with opposition leader Ranil Wickremesinghe last month.

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