Sri Lanka reacts strongly to Jayalalithaa’s genocide remarks on Tamil issue

angry-jayalalitha1Sri Lanka on Thursday reacted strongly against the genocide remarks made by Tamil Nadu Chief Minister J Jayalalithaa against the country over the Tamil issue and said it will make formal objections to India over her comments.

“It is very much in keeping with the character of this politician to make wild allegations against Sri Lanka,” the government spokesman and Minister of Information Keheliya Rambukwella told reporters. He was reacting to the Tamil Nadu Chief Minister’s memorandum to Prime Minister Narendra Modi which carried word “genocide” on the Sri Lankan Tamil issue.

She had demanded that India should sponsor a resolution in the United Nations condemning the genocide in Sri Lanka. “I request that India should sponsor a resolution in the United Nations condemning the genocide in Sri Lanka and to hold to account all those responsible for the genocide and thereby render justice to Tamils in Sri Lanka,” the Tamil Nadu Chief Minister had said in the memorandum submitted to the Prime Minister.

“It is very wrong to use words like genocide to describe what happened in Sri Lanka,” he said. Rambukwella said Sri Lanka was to make formal objections to the Indian government over Jayalalithaa’s comments.

Sri Lanka is happy that Modi won outright control of the Lok Sabha without having to rely on the support from Jayalalithaa. “We are happy that there is a very stable government in India. That is what I said even before the election, that a stable government in Delhi is good for Sri Lanka. Today Jayalalitha does not have the same influence over New Delhi as she would have had before. We are happy about that,” Rambukwella stressed.

“We hope Prime Minister Modi will stand on the right side, that is Sri Lanka’s,” Rambukwella said

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