Govt. to implement 13-A without police powers, rejects TNA demand

MAHINDA LIARThe government said yesterday that it did not have an issue with implementing the 13th Amendment to the Constitution with the exception of police powers. The constitution of the country since  14 November 1987 says it should give powers to provincial councils but racist Sri Lankan government has NOT implemented the constitution since 1987 but had been saying it has no problem in implementing it.

Asked during the weekly Cabinet Press briefing in Colombo if land and other provisions of 13A with the exception of police powers would be implemented, Media Minister Keheliya Rambukwalle said that the contentious issue was the Tamil National Alliance demand for a Police Commissioner to be appointed by the Northern Province Chief Minister; that could not be granted due to security reasons.

Asked whether the granting of land powers needed to discussed with the relevant stake holders, he replied “It is police powers as demanded by the TNA that cannot be granted. Traffic police and other powers necessary for administrative purposes could be devolved.”

Pointing out that India had amended its Constitution 150 times, Minister Rambukwella noted that the 13A had been relevant at the time it was introduced but not in the post war era. Tamil youths took arms 30 years ago against the discrimination over the minority by the succesive governments of Sri Lanka, but they were killed in May 2009 with more than 40,000 Tamil Civilians with the support of the China and Pakistan and the Western leaders looked away as they were promised a 13+ amendment by the President Rajapaksha as a political package in April/May 2009. As the LTTE is no more the Sri Lanka’s racist government wants to continue its discrimination on the minority as LTTE is no more.

Sri Lanka, the minister said welcomed the new Indian government under the leadership of Narendra Modi since it would give stability to both countries. “We did have certain differences with New Delhi, but it has always stood for an undivided Sri Lanka despite Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Jayalalitha’s repeated calls for the creation of Eelam.”

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