Minister Wimal will block South Africa mediation!

wimalMinister Wimal Weerawansa is trying to gain credit for himself by claiming that it was he who had blocked the entry of the LTTE’s international forces to the island by disrupting a discussion that had been due to take place between the governments of Sri Lanka and South Africa to resolve the northern issue, said president Mahinda Rajapaksa.

Quoting a report by the State Intelligence Service, the president has said to so several ministers.

“That Wimal is going to create a scene once again. I have not even though of discussing with South Africa. He is trying to be a hero and gain credit by claiming he had blocked that. Everything this fellow does is madness. He was not at the last cabinet meeting saying he was sick. But, he has time to fool around the country. If he does not attend the next cabinet meeting I will take care of him,” the president has told his ministers.

Weerawansa is now saying that he will resign from his ministerial portfolio and contest for the chief minister position in the Uva provincial council if the government did not implement the reformation proposals he has submitted to the government.

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