Refusing to Allow UN team to visit Sri Lanka – Cheating the World again!

  • War Criminals Rajapaksha’s who ordered the killing of more than 40,000 Tamil Civilians have 2/3 Majority in the Parliament.
  • Playing Politics against the UN with the support of China and Russia.

killing 13The government wants Parliament to oppose a UNHRC war crimes probe against Sri Lanka. What it really seeks is parliamentary endorsement for a fait accompli in the form of a resolution.

Opposition parliment parties UNP and JVP are highlighting the human rights violations by the Government during the last few years and calling upon the government to investigate them before seeking the Opposition’s support for its resolution.

UNP Sajith Premadasa has warned that the UNHRC probe will lead to economic sanctions on Sri Lanka. The government’s concerns about the UNHRC war crimes probe need to be appreciated. The UN investigators are bound to come out with the same conclusions as the UNSG’s panel of experts who put out the controversial Darusman Report.

An open dialogue is required on whether Sri Lanka is to allow a UN team to visit the country to conduct an international investigation on the last phase of our humanitarian operation. The Sri Lankan Parliament is the best place to have this dialogue. There is no better place than the Parliament to discuss this, Youth Affairs and Skills Development Minister Dullas Alahapperuma told the government run daily ‘Daily News’ yesterday.

Independent Investigation by UN officials of the Killing of more than 40,000  Tamil Civilians and Killing of more than 1000 LTTE Leaders and their family members who surrendered with White flag after UN officials negociated the surrender in May 2009 by Sinhala Army must be stopped as this will lead to Army commanders and Rajapaksha who ordered this cold blooded killing will be punished for War crimes said a government MP. 

Only way to oppose this inquiry is to say that ”this is a challenge posed to the entire country, this is not a problem for Rajapaksha family” and as we have more than 2/3 majority in the parliament we will easily win and oppose the UN inquiry saying our parliament opposes the inquiry said a government MP.

“All political parties should let their respective Members of Parliament take independent decisions on whether to allow a UN team to visit Sri Lanka,” Minister Alahapperuma said but his party members have been ‘ordered to oppose’ the UN inquiry on killing of Tamil Civilians in thousands by the Army.

Speculation is rife in parliamentary circles that the JVP and the UNP may take part in the debate on the government resolution, castigate the ruling coalition for its human rights violations, hold it responsible for creating conditions for an international probe at issue and skip the vote so as to remain non-committal where the UNHRC move is concerned. The UNP has already gone on record as saying that the UNHRC will go ahead with its probe regardless of parliamentary resolutions here and consulting Parliament at this juncture is an exercise in futility.

Some of the prominent Opposition politicians are of the view that the government ought to face the UNHRC probe and present its case without running away again. The UPFA with a two-thirds majority in Parliament can easily ensure the passage of its resolution with or without the Opposition support, they argue. The government’s problem is that having resisted a war crimes probe so fiercely in Geneva all these years it cannot opt for a volte-face. It has crossed the Rubicon and there is no going back. It will be able to have its resolution ratified with ease, but that will lack weight without the backing of at least the main Opposition party, the UNP.

President Rajapaksa met with Cuban President Raul Castro who assured the President of Cuba’s continuous support to Sri Lanka at international forums. “We like to work with leaders like you,” President Castro said. “Fidel wanted me to convey his regards to all friends of Cuba. You are one of our friends.” President Rajapaksa thanked Cuba for its support. “We feel comfortable when you are there,” President Rajapaksa said. “We know we have a friend who understands us.”


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