BTF Human Rights Team follows up on the HRC Resolution in Geneva

images (4)BTF Human Rights Team follows up on the HRC Resolution in Geneva

Members of the Human Rights Team of BTF are currently present in Geneva attending the 26th Session of the UN Human Rights Council. The Human Rights Team persistently work for justice for the suffering Tamils in our homeland in the North and East of the Island of Sri Lanka.

Our representatives met with iNGOs, diplomats, and experts to discuss the facilitation of evidence-gathering for the international investigation in Sri Lanka following the resolution for an international, independent, investigation in March 2014. The Team also highlighted the unlawful listing of Tamil Diaspora Organisations under UN Security Council Resolution 1373 to the diplomats.

Furthermore, our representatives are following up on the issue of Sexual Violence in Conflict as a follow up to the Global Summit to End Sexual Violence in Conflict held in London last week. BTF Human Rights Team is committed to work in the long term with other NGOs and States on this very important issue.

When commenting from Geneva S.A.N. Rajkumar said “This will enable us to bring our Tamils’ plight to the attention of the international community and in their focus.” He further stated “For the future we anticipate that the issue of Sexual Violence against Tamils will not be ignored and actions will be taken to protect them from further violent sexual attacks. More importantly, we expect that victims of sexual violence will not be deported back to Sri Lanka.”

The Team also briefed country delegations on the attacks on Muslim People in the South of the Island and making it clear that there is deep rooted connection of an ethnic dimension in these attacks and that these cannot be labelled merely as religious intolerance.

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