STF Were Given Orders To “Protect Procession” On Sunday

130811170336-sri-lanka-buddhist-mob-story-topMany residents told us on the spot correspondent that the STF colluded with the Buddhist mob and were attacking the Muslims, Military sources confirmed that they had no option and were following orders that they received from the TOP Politician.

The Special Task Force who were deployed on Sunday morning in Dharga town and Aluthgama received specific instructions to “protect the BBS procession”, resulting in them adhering to the orders and firing tear gas towards the Muslims.

The orders resulting in the Special Task Force officers giving protection to the Buddhist mob and dispersing the Muslims who had gathered or were resisting and fighting the Buddhist mob. Military sources on the ground said that the alleged catalyst to the incident could not be “the stones pelted by the mosque”.

“if it was so then how did the mob simultaneously start torching and attacking in Aluthgama, Adikarigoda and houses inside Dharga town. If this was the catalyst then the riot should spread from the Dharga town mosque to the other places, it cant all happen at the same time”.

Further assertions were made as to how the mob was prepared with Petrol which was used for the arson.

“From where did the Petrol come from if this was a peaceful procession and it was the Muslims who attacked?” curfew was declared so there was no way petrol could have been brought from outside” they said. Earlier UNP MP Palitha Thawarapperuma who was an eye witness to the scene and was assaulted according to him by ” those who follow the Drunkard Gnanasara” said that the Police and STF simply watched on as the Buddhist mob ran rampage.

Palitha Thawarapperuma raising a privilege issue in parliament said that the Police and the STF simply watched while the ” Buddhist thugs of the Galagodaaththes religion assaulted the Muslim”. ” I was taking 16 Muslims in my vehicle and there were mobs carrying swarods and poles while the Police and STF were around. The Police and STF simply watched them and did nothing and thereafter they attacked me. I thought one of the mothers would have died in my vehicle, a 9 month old baby was attacked by stones and I was rushing them to hospital” he said.

Detailing how he got involved at the time of the incident, he said he recieved calls from the parents of three children who were straded in a hostel. ” They had called the Police and the Police had said things I cant mention in parliament to these parents and they begged of me to help them. I am an elected representative and that why I went their. the Police knew this but they just watched on while the thugs who follow the drunkard Gnanasaras religion attacked the people” he said.

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