Arobanam Milk Aid Appeal

photoArobanam Milk Aid Appeal

Following a visit by our Chairman to all our homes and projects in Sri Lanka, we identified that many of our young children are lacking in essential vitamins needed for a healthy diet.With this need in mind we have developed a ‘Milk Aid initiative’ which involves providing fresh milk to children under the age of 12 when a child’s development is most important. Arobanam have started giving milk to 125 children on a daily basis in Mahadeva Asram, Kilinochchi in the North east of Sri Lanka which amounts to a monthly cost of £275. Please click on the link below and take a look at the video capturing the work that is already underway.

We are looking to our patrons and friends to support this worthy cause.


There are several ways you can support this initiative, for example choosing to celebrate a special day with our children (any important day which has a significant meaning to you such as your birthday, wedding anniversary etc) by giving milk for 50 children for a month via a one off £100 donation.


Please click on the link below to donate:


With your help and funds permitting we hope to extend this service to other homes too.

Thank You


The ACF team

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