Witnesses to UN team will be punished in Sri Lanka.

mahinda 1The government is closely focused on harshly punishing any Sri Lankans who witness before the Navi Pillay-appointed probing committee, the ‘Irida Divaina’ reports.

It is said that the witnesses to UN who discloses the killing of more than 40,000 Tamil Civilians by the Sri Lankan Army in May 2009 and the killing of Tamil Leaders who surrendered with White Flags after UN negotiated the ‘White Flage surrender’ are to be punished under the Terrorism Prevention Act and the Official Secrets Act.

It is also said that People who expose the raping of Tamil girls by the Army as seen of Tamil TV News reader Isaipriya to the UN team will be punished. It is believed that if these witnesses are in Sri Lanka they will be disappear or be kidnapped and killed by government sponsored para military.

“It has already been revealed that there are several parties prepared to witness before this committee in support of the LTTE terrorists and against the Sri Lanka military. It has also been revealed that certain NGOs are planning to provide accommodation, air tickets and a special bonus for these witnesses.” said the paper.

To date Thirty one persons including two former army officers have come forward to give witness before this committee, sources say.

Sources from Geneva say that it has been decided to hold the witnessing in eight cities including Geneva.

The Sri Lankan Government as warned that it will confiscate property of people or parties giving informations to UN as disclosing the killing of  the  40000Tamil Civilians in May 2009 by the Army is seen as betraying the country.


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