Dhanapala warns against criticizing Prince Hussein

husen_410px_29-06-14Senior diplomat Dr. Jayantha Dhanapala warns that it will be an act of spitting at own face if the Sri Lankan government continues to attack Prince Hussein who is to succeed Navi Pillai as the UNHCR chief.

The former ambassador in Washington and Geneva has told ‘Sunday Divaina’ that it was very disadvantageous to the country if the persons, not their acts and policies,
are criticized.

Dr. Dhanapala has said that he has had diplomatic dealings with Prince Hussein in New York, including that both had run for the UN secretary general post, but lost to Ban ki Moon.

He is a person who commits himself to human rights of many countries and has impartially carried out his duties in dealing with disciplinary matters of peacekeeping forces, the senior diplomat has said, adding that Prince Hussein is a UN official with a reputation.

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