President should invite TNA – Vasu

Basic CMYKPSC on ethnic problem: By Umesh Moramudali  

National Languages and Social Integration Minister, Vasudewa Nanayakkara, yesterday stressed that the President needs to invite the Tamil National Alliance (TNA) to join the Parliamentary Select Committee (PSC), appointed to find solutions to the ethnic problem.
Answering a question at a media briefing yesterday, Nanayakkara said the President needs to have cordial discussions and should imply to the TNA that the government has a genuine intention to solve the ethnic problem.
He said, however, there are certain factions in the TNA who do not want to come for the discussions with the government.
“MPs who do not want to discuss are funded by certain factions of the Tamil Diaspora. However, the Diaspora is also splitting now. It had split into several factions creating lots of issues within the movement,” he added.
However, TNA had earlier claimed that they have no faith on the PSC appointed to resolve the ethnic issue.

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