Kalinga goes all the way to UK to sue Lanka e news

lasantha(Lanka-e-News-01.July.2014, 11.30PM) It is a well and widely known fact locally and internationally that Lanka e news website portal was a most unfortunate news website that fell victim to the cruelest witch hunt of the uncouth, uncivilized unlawful Rajapakse regime in Sri Lanka. It is common knowledge that one of its journalists was abducted and subsequently went missing ; one of its news editors was jailed without any valid ground after being subjected to the most vicious and venomous interrogation by the CID ; the chief editor was forced to flee the country ;the website portal was razed to the ground ; case after case were filed against it claiming Rs.500 million in damages for not revealing the source of information regarding its news report on the attack launched on another journalist , Poddala Jayantha; Office arson attacked and finally the website was banned. In other words the Rajapakse regime left no stone unturned in its monumental effort to annihilate the LeN news website which was a thorn in the side of the corrupt, murderous and lawless Rajapakses , all along exposing the corruption , criminal activities and evil abuse of power of the Rajapakses fearlessly , forthrightly and frankly.

Now in a last ditch attempt the desperate demented Rajapakse regime is contemplating suing the news website in England. Towards this end , PC Kalinga Indratissa has been dispatched to England to explore the possibilities of this legal action.

At the moment Kalinga is headed for UK to investigate the prospects of filing legal action. On many occasions previously , groups were sent to London to assassinate the LeN Editor but without success. The Rajapakse regime had ultimately decided that the Lanka e news website should somehow be stopped once and for all before the upcoming Presidential elections. Meanwhile another prominent businessman is to be sent to England with a view to meet the LeN editor and offer money , and see whether it is possible to extract an undertaking from the LeN Editor that until the Presidential election is over nothing against Mahinda Rajapakse will be reported.

Kalinga Indratissa has a rare distinction of being a one in all dubious crony, lackey and lickspittle of the Rajapakse regime. He is not only a lawyer but also holds the posts of Director , Telecom PLC Co.; Telecom manpower solution Pvt. Co.; Sri Lanka foundation Institute; and a member of the Cricket interim administration board. He has been holding many posts under the regime and even now . The Rajapakses have chosen him for the tour to file action in England against LeN , because this zero before the masked Rajapakse villainous Zorros , is a hero because he has written a law book on cyber crimes.

After this News published in Sinhala on LeN Face Book, Kalinga Indratissa commented as follows:

Kalinga Indatissa: I feel very sorry for people like you. I am not in London. I am in some other part of England for a personal matter. I have not come here to prosecute any one. I have better things to do rather than talk rubbish about other people. Before you publish something check the correctness of the story. I don’t live on political asylum. I have come here for my daughters graduation. You can believe whatever you want to believe. I feel sorry for the mothers who gave birth to fools like you.

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