More Links Between Govt & BBS

Despite government Minister Rajitha Senarathne accusing Bodu Bala Sena (BBS) General SecretaryGalagodaatte Gnanasara of maintaining links with the Tamil Diaspora, the photograph published alongside his claims have in fact revealed the men posing on either side of the monk are actually strong government supporters or anti-LTTE people.

Sunil-Gamini-GnanasaraThe image that is being circulated with Rajitha’s accusations against Gnanasara had been taken last year during his visit to France. The person standing on the right corner has been identified as EPRLF member Devasan while the individual standing right next to Gnanasara on his right has been identified as Sunil Gamini.

Sunil Gamini who had been earlier employed as a coordinating secretary to Government Minister Susil Premajayantha had absconded while he was on an official tour to Europe and had sought asylum afterwards. Colombo Telegraph learns that every individual in this image are frequent travellers to Sri Lanka.

Minister Senarathne has been repeatedly highlighting links between Gnanasara and the Tamil Diaspora and the most recent claim was made during his participation in a talk show in Neth FM – a private radio station in Sri Lanka.

In response to a query by an individual who claimed he was a monk, identifying himself as Kirama Devinda, Rajitha has stated that Gnanasara has maintained a close affiliation with the UNP, Tamil Diaspora and the LTTE. He alleges Gnanasara met Diaspora officials in Norway and that the trip was funded by UNP MP Ravi Karunanayake.

He claims he possesses photographic evidence to prove his allegations.

Colombo Telegraph failed to reach MP Karunanayake to obtain a response on the allegations made by Minister Senarathne.

“Upon his return from Norway he met me and informed that he wholeheartedly agrees with my opinions about the war. That day we concluded our meeting agreeing to forget the past and to organise a Convention with the participation of over 1000 sanghas (monks). However, the pledge could not be kept as Gnanasara became involved in anti-Muslim campaigns with just a month into the meeting,” Rajitha claims in his interview with Neth FM.

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