The underside of Black July

black2520july1948 – months after gaining independence, the Government of Sri Lanka disenfranchises 33% of Tamils, removing their right to vote
…61 years on, the discrimination continues…

1958 – hundreds of Tamils are murdered in the first of many vicious racial attacks
…51 years on, the violence continues…

1983 – over 3000 Tamils are murdered and 150,000 made homeless in Sri Lankan State sponsored anti-Tamil riots
…26 years on, the genocide continues…

Today – the Government of Sri Lanka has withdrawn from a peace-agreement and entered into war, thousands of Tamils have ‘disappeared’ and Tamil journalists, aid workers, human rights activists and politicians have been assassinated
…as the world watches on, the eradication of a people continues…….….  BLACK JULY

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The underside of Black July

Today, no one talks about the critical role played by thugs who were part of the then ruling party’s trade union, the JSS in ‘Black July’.  There may very well come a ‘tomorrow’ when few remember the BBS and ‘Rev’ Gnanasara.  There is many a Black July waiting to happen. Theoretically there can be any number of ‘Nandikadaals’ too.  Between these, there’s only one thing possible: tragedy.  

Let’s not get confused here.  July 1983 happened.  It should not happen again.  Not to anyone.  To the extent that commemoration reminds, warns and insures against re-enactment, it is certainly a useful exercise, dampened only by the not so innocent politics of the commemorators and other profiteers.  This side of the positives, looking back, is an issue which is less colorful and hopeful than what the kites, lamps, candles and other commemorative frills exude.  Let us call it the underside of ‘Black July’. ………….  READ ALL

Black July After 31 Years; The Sinhalese And Thamils Remain Deeply Polarized

By Veluppillai Thangavelu –

Veluppillai Thangavelu

Flash_Quotes1Thirty one (31) years ago on July 24, 1983 Sinhalese mobs executed an orgy of violence that surpassed all other previous pogroms executed in 1956, 1958, 1977, 1979 and 1981.

The events of July 1983 are poignant for the entire Thamil population around the world. Between July 24 and 29, Thamils were systematically targeted with violence in Colombo and many other parts of Sri Lanka……… READ ALL

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