11 year old girl raped on 11 consecutive days and another 9 years old too victim at the hands of 7 naval soldiers Karainagar : all bestial culprits released

genocide 11 year old girl raped on 11 consecutive days and another 9 years old too victim at the hands of 7 naval soldiers Karainagar : all bestial culprits released because they are Rajapaksha’s Sinhala soldiers sent to terrorise the Tamil Community in the North?

Witnesses will be killed by the Sri Lankan forces,………………………..   this is Sri Lanka!

(Lanka-e-News- 20.July.2014, 11.00PM) Lanka e news is in receipt of reports pertaining to the attempts that are being made to suppress an incident where a 11 year old girl had been held captive and raped for 11 continuous days , as well as another 9 year old ,by a group of naval soldiers in the north.

When the 11 years old girl was going to school along a jungle route ,a group of naval soldiers of the Karainagar naval camp had brandished a knife , threatened and abducted her. One individual who witnessed this incident had also been threatened that if he reveals he will be killed.

The victim who was abducted while going to school was released at school closing time on condition that she will be murdered if she utters a word about this to anyone. Seven naval soldiers have been committing this crime on this helpless hapless innocent child for 11 consecutive days . This bestial crime was discovered when her home was visited to inquire why she did not come to school for 11 days. Indeed another relative of hers , a 9 year old girl had also fallen victim similarly at the hands of naval soldiers. 

This region is still under military administration , and law has not been enforced duly against the naval soldiers, while the police too on the other hand had behaved funnily as though the girl had committed rape on the soldiers .The victim is now hospitalized. Meanwhile her sister and mother had been warned to accept monies and keep silent in this regard.

In any case , Oorkatithurai police have produced the 7 soldiers day before yesterday (18) in the Magistrate court for children , when the court had immediately held n identification parade . Curiously and unlawfully , these culprits were presented for the parade in the naval uniform and with the cap. In the whole world, it is only in MaRa Kangaroo courts identification parades of suspects are conducted permitting the suspects to cover their heads. Moreover, only the 11 years old victim was presented to identify and not the 9 year old victim. The 11 years old girl had stated that she cannot identify the head covered suspects . Lanka e news however is in receipt of reports that the girl did not identify because her family was threatened with death if the victim identified them at the parade.

The magistrate ordered that the naval soldiers be placed in remand custody , but in the afternoon the case was called up again before the acting magistrate, and the soldiers were enlarged on bail citing the grounds that the suspects had not been identified . This release sent a wave of rude shock among the legal circles , for it is only a senior lawyer of the court who takes the acting magistrate role and temporarily .Hence the suspects who had been given an order to remand by a chief magistrate is not countermanded by an acting magistrate. Therefore , in this instance ,an acting magistrate overriding the order of a chief magistrate was tantamount to an obvious mockery of justice. This type of jiggery- pokery affecting sacrosanct laws has now become a common practice in the present Kangaroo courts of MaRa. 

In this connection , the media of the south distorting the true picture reported only the remanding of the naval soldiers, and being released on bail later. While the unscrupulous and sordid media of the south are laboring to suppress and distort the truths about the bestiality of the culprits and the brutality of the crimes, the Lanka teachers association had released a communiqué : 

An 11 year old girl of SundaraMoorthy Nair school, Karainagar had been subjected to rape for 11 successive days. Since the parents of the child had been threatened with death they are scared to talk out. The Association which claims the parents are silent because of intimidation and threats , had lodged a complaint No. PG/14/07/484 with the Child protection authority to conduct an uninterrupted investigation with full transparency.

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