Incredible but true : Secretary Hettige gave orders to release navy rapists on President’s instructions..!

2098Jayantha_Perera_Chike_Thaththi_J(Lanka-e-News- 21.July.2014, 1.30PM) It is no less a person than Medamulana Mahinda Rajapakse , the President of Sri Lanka(SL) cum commander in chief of the three forces who had interfered with the legal processes and given the barbaric unlawful order through his Parliamentary coordinating secretary Kumarasiri Hettige not to enforce the law against the naval soldiers who raped an 11 years old girl for 11 consecutive days, and another 9 years old girl in the north , according to reports reaching Lanka e news inside information division.

After these brutal incidents ,on both occasions , Hettige had phoned the police of Kayts and informed that if the 7 soldiers are remanded , the morale and determination of the forces will be eroded , and therefore to release them.

Similarly the President has via Hettige given orders to SSP R.D.P Wimalasena in charge of Jaffna and SP Senanayake in charge of Kayts to release them. Accordingly , Senanayake and Wimalasena have given instructions to the OIC of the crimes at Kayts police , SI R.K.B. Senaratne to act to release the criminals, though unlawfully.

This crime was recorded in the grave crime register under 13/2014 dated July 18th as ‘abduction of and gang raping an under-aged girl.’ It is common knowledge that when reporting to court it must be supported by a report of the judicial medical officer. However when reporting the suspects (the naval soldiers) to court under B report B/64 /2014 , a JMO report had not been furnished.

The 7 naval soldiers who were produced in court on the 18th on charges of committing rape on an innocent helpless 11 years old girl were of the Karainagar naval camp . Their names are as follows :

1. Ajith Kumar
2. Rupasinghe Arachchilage Chamara Indika
3. Nadheera Dilshan Ratnayake
4. Kudabalage Jayaweera
5. Indika Kumara Vithanarachchi
6. Ranasinghe Sumith Subash
7. Vikum Senage Piyasiri Dissanayake

These soldiers had been engaged in mobile patrol duty at Ureddikulam, Oorkatithurai, Karainagar town, and Kayts and had been serving in the navy camp in Karainagar for long time. The OIC of the crime division of Kayts police SI R.K.B .Senaratne produced the 7 suspects in court on a B report ref. B/64/2014 based on the indictment “the aforementioned 7 suspects allegedly abducted the under aged girl and gang raped her . They are being produced in the honorable court based on a statement made by the victim”

Indeed , the victim was produced in court without being supported by a medical report of a judicial medical officer (JMO) which ought to have been obtained after producing her before the JMO . Just to say in court that rape was suspected merely based on the victim’s statement without a JMO report was reportedly on a plan to make the prosecution weak , and enable the suspects to be granted bail , following unlawful instructions issued by the President.

As revealed by us in our earlier reports , the suspects were produced for an identification parade on the 18 th in their official uniforms and caps .The victim did not identify any of the culprits in uniform in this parade and ,because she and her family were under death threats- on the 17 th night a Navy team had arrived at their house and held out death threats.

It was stated this crime story has been concocted to clear Jaffna of the forces ,and ‘though it was reported that the threats had been recorded , we have not received such a recording.’

In any event the chief magistrate ordered that the 7 suspects be remanded . However, later a lawyer of the court was made to mount the bench and act as the magistrate who released all of them on bail.

To what extent justice has been made a mockery and travesty ,was illustrated when all the suspects in such a heinous crime of rape of an under aged girl were allowed to be released on a puny cash bail of Rs. 250.00 each and three personal bails. 

In regard to the gang rape on the 11 years old girl , in order to manipulate the release of the criminals , laws were improvised and justice degraded to a mockery , whereas in the incident where a 9 years old girl who was also a helpless victim of a similar heinous crime of rape by the naval soldiers , the law was not enforced at all.

It is a pity the present Navy Commander Vice admiral Jayantha Perera who took up this recent appointment in the presence of his two proud daughters had brought shame on the whole female race to which his own daughters belong by merely transferring these rapists under him (7 naval soldiers) who allegedly committed a most heinous crime of gang raping an innocent 11 years old daughter belonging to another parent like him , to the Galle naval pool as a punishment . He never gave thought to the fact that the victim belongs to the female race his own daughters belong.

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