Gota’s secret Italian tour is an absolute lie: No meeting with Pope nor did Italy’s defense Ministry give appointment- it is all ‘black money’ craze

2081Gota_Pope_J(Lanka-e-News- 28.Nov.2013, 11.55PM) It has come to light that the Rajapakse regime’s announcement regarding SL defense secretary Gotabaya Rajapakse’s tour of Italy is an absolute lie , as he has in fact gone to Italy to open a secret account to deposit his ‘black monies,’ according to reports based on Lanka e news foreign service. 

Following the Lanka e news report on Gotabaya’s Italian tour ,the regime desperately explained that he went to Italy as a special representative of the President to meet and invite Rev. Pope Francis to visit Sri Lanka. 

The true picture is Gotabaya had gone to Italy to transfer his black money to a secret account in Italy , and hence the regime’s explanation is to camouflage the truth.

The reason corroborating this true picture is:

There is a procedure and custom to be followed when a country wishes to invite the Vatican Pope. That is, either the country’s leading Christian clergy council including the Cardinal should decide to extend an invitation , or the country’s Diplomatic mission High commissioner should abiding by the protocol invite him. Both these procedures have not been followed.

At least Gotabaya who claimed he is the President’s representative should have obtained an official appointment from the council of the Vatican Pope, which too had not been done. 

Gotabaya had met the Pope on a Wednesday when the ordinary public could see him following a queue, in which event he can only hand over his gift basket , but cannot meet with the Pope.

Intriguingly , even the SL ambassador there , Bennet Cooray had not accompanied Gota to meet the Pope. Though efforts were made to meet the Pope through a Father there named Nevil, the latter had been unable to help Gota. Finally , the father Nevil had not even gone to the Vatican city with Gotabaya.

To invite the Pope , at least a Cabinet Christian Minister who is a government lackey ought to have been sent instead of Gotabaya ,a Buddhist . Besides , Gotabaya is a notorious government servant and a sinner tainted with war crime charges who is not at all suitable to do that errand of the President. Indeed such an individual being sent to invite the Pope is tantamount to insulting the Pope if not trying to make the Pope also a sinner.

In the official publication of the Vatican ‘Osarvathore Romano’, the special representatives of countries who met the Pope are revealed along with their photographs, but in the case of Gotabaya , though it was announced that he was a special guest of the Pope on the 20 th of November , in the ‘Osarvathore Romano’ of last week , nothing at all was revealed about this meeting or the invitation. This is because Gotabaya had met the Pope in the same way as any other ordinary citizen . 

The group of SL media coolies who stoop to anything for filthy lucre and selfish gains had of course reported that Gotabaya’s invitation was accepted by Pope and he will visit SL in the first month of next year which is just a fabrication , for when Lanka e news inquired from the Pope’s media division they stated nothing of that sort had been finalized so far.

Meanwhile a request made by Gotabaya to the internal security Minister , Italy for a meeting had been rejected , explaining that if the request has originated from the SL Defense Minister or its Deputy Minister , that could be considered , and they have no necessity to meet the defense secretary.

In this connection , a spokesman for Italy’s internal defense Ministry speaking to Lanka e news at length explained, in 2008 when SL was informed to lodge complaints against the LTTE with the Institution in Germany that classifies world terrorist organizations , and the A .I.A. the international court for war located in Netherland as war crime charges are likely to be mounted against SL, the latter paid no heed.. ‘Hence the defense secretary meeting us now is of no avail as it is too late,’ he noted. 

In July 2009 , a group of representatives of the internal security Ministry arrived in SL to apprise the latter of this , ‘but our Ministry’s advice was disregarded by SL ,’ he added.

Moreover , now the SL government is allied with sections of the LTTE terrorists and are carrying on activities with them . Don’t these actions of the government jeopardize the lives and interests of those groups who opposed the LTTE at that time? he questioned. We know very well the purpose of Gotabaya’s tour of Italy , he told with a smile. The SL defense secretary’s whole gaze was fixed on St. Marino for obvious reasons , he quipped.

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