Why would Bank of Ceylon want to open branches in Seychelles & Solomon Islands?

CaptureWhy would Bank of Ceylon want to open branches in Seychelles & Solomon Islands? Why does Mihin Air fly to Seychelles? 

Despite their stated Vision of “Bankers to the nation” and the Mission – “Extending banking service to larger society as a beneficial beacon in the country” it’s not so difficult to understand which ‘nation’ or the ‘section’ of the Sri Lankan society Bank of Ceylon is trying to serve with their recent opening of a branch in Seychelles.

With a population of 90,024 and rated as the highest income inequality country in the world, Seychelles has less than 100 Sri Lankans living there. Seychelles is also considered as the money laundering base in Africa and a haven for dirty money! There have been several investigations on reported money laundering cases in Seychelles including by the former Ukrainian President. Anyone can verify these facts with a bit of internet research.

Bank of Ceylon is also looking at opening a branch in Solomon Islands, which has a population of 549,598 and may not have a single Sri Lankan among them. The World Bank says Solomon Islands, one of the poorest countries in the Pacific, had a GDP per capita of US$ 2,068 in 2013, compared to US$ 9,736 of Sri Lanka. It’s no mean a country to engage in any profitable banking business. However with its well established offshore financial services / tax-heaven banking systems, Solomon Islands is a popular destination for many Sri Lankan politicians!
Ask yourselves why Bank of Ceylon is opening branches in countries that have none or paltry Sri Lankan population? Wouldn’t it serve a better good if branches are opened in countries from where the bulk of Sri Lanka’s foreign exchange US$ 7 Billion per year is earned, especially in the Middle-East? It would be most appropriate now for Bank of Ceylon to add “Assisting predatory politicians to conceal their masses of illegally gotten money” to its Mission statement.
Why does Mihin Air Fly to Seychelles? The next would be that they will fly to Solomon Islands as well. Central Bank / other banks regularly repatriate foreign currency notes in bulk through air(lines) as a part of their normal business. It doesn’t have to be legitimate but with absolute power and control, so can they!


  1. Under partilepep our country is involve in hosting one of the Frica^s largest financial fraud on the 21st century,Partilepep has set up a system that operates through a network of dummies combine with state institutions,or create dummy companies to maintain full secrecy.

    Why a branch of Ceylon bANK IN Seychelles?With a strong organized Oppostion In Sri Lank,Dicitator RAJAPAKSE feels vulnerable and finding it hard to wash stolen money through Banks bsed on Sir LanKan’s territories and many of Interantional Banks such as Barcaly Banks have been coorporating with government and have taken actions to avoid that their banks are used as wwashing machines fro Intenrationla criminals,Dictators ,Durg traffickings etc…

    So That Why thief RAJAPEKSE together with,and the full knowledge of Michel and aprtilepep decided to allow Ceylon Bank to set foot on our shores in order to conduct the money laundering of Dcitator RAJPAKSE and ilks without impunity,scrutiny,challenges and in full secrecy to operate its criminal activites on our shores.Ditto ,to Paritlepep thieves,Banks like Barcalay ,BAnque Francaise refused to continue to be used by thieves as platform for money laundering ,thus Ceylon Bank provides Apartilepep thieves to also has a safe means to wash their stolen bounty.

    MiHIn Air ,we may ask why so much flight to Seychelles,more than all airlines when there is a handful of Sri Lnakans on GOP in Seychelles?It keeps RAJAPKSE MIHIN ARILINE afloat,maybe also to transfer bags full of stolen money.Why not facilitate Aprtilepep Escobars importation of Hard drugs?We must keep in mind that both Micheland RAJAPAKSE has a record in illegal International as well as National criminal activities on their records and a lucrative business as dealing with Ahrd drug ,is too lucrative for them to ignore it.

    NDEA and FIU confiscate half million doallr at the Airport,and that after being ecposed by SFp on the illict deals going on between Sri LanKan Dictator and paritlepep.It seems NDEA,especailly FIU is telling us”You see ,we are acting and verifying those allegations on money laundering”But the problem is that the actors we talking about are those in the partielepep and not this little drug dealer arrested with half a million doallr at the Airport.We want to see actions against partilepep criminals who pre-meditatedly put the money laundering machine in place and cover it b yabusing power,our institutions, by dis-information,etc… the millions being laundered by apritlepep and Intenrational thieves like RAJAPAKSE are in multi-millions if not billions hence these are the crooks FUI should be concentrating on and apprehend in the first palce.

    Investigate Michle’s offshore company,Laporte minister of financial role,the activie and pre-meditated role of Micheland paritlepep as government for as to the later insitutions are being raped,abused to conduct these illcit International criminal activities.

    Is FUi independent?That is what Partilepep wants to tell us–then prove ourself FUI,So us your independency by opening an investigation against paritilepep as criminal organized and its members state terorrists.
    As to Alporte he has a duty and obligation to come out and give Seychellois a detail account on those thousands of dummy Companies registered in Seychelles.
    Time is not for ridiculous explanation by JENPA ,or any attempt to pretending partilepep did not know or is not involved but rather take judiciary actions against partielepep perpetrators with Michel as mastermind(CAPO DI TUTTI CAPI.

    Jeanne D’Arc

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