Tamils from UK and Europe will be congregating in Glasgow to drive Rajapaksa

unnamed Protest against Rajapaksha’s visit to Commonwealth games in Scotland.

By Visvanathan

The opening ceremony for the Glasgow Commonwealth Games will be held today, 23 July 2014. Tamils from UK and Europe will be congregating in Glasgow  to drive Rajapaksa, the honourable guest for the games, out of the stadium. Please read. The tubes at the bottom are in Tamil.

While the Sri Lankan government officials remain tight-lipped on President Rajapaksa’s participation at the Commonwealth Games opening ceremony in Glasgow, Scotland on July 23, Tamils in the UK are busy organising a demonstration opposite the Stadium. The Tamil Youth Organisation in UK has asked Tamils to gather at Barrowfield Street, Glasgow on at 3.30pm on the day of the opening ceremony. They have arranged 30 centres in England, Wales and Scotland to pick Tamils who are willing to participate in the demonstration with free transport, sources said.

There are four centres in London itself for demonstrators to assemble for transport to the venue, including South West, South East, North West and North East London. The other centres outside the city include Aberdeen, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Liverpool, Newcastle, Manchester, Northampton, Nottingham, Bristol, Leicester, Brighton and many more.

The Sunday Island reliably learnt that more Tamils are planning to join this demonstration from other European cities including Paris, Geneva, Zurich, Rome, Amsterdam etc.

While Tamils are planning to demonstrate, some British and Scottish Labour MPs have requested the British government not to allow the Commonwealth Games to be overshadowed by allowing President Rajapaksa to attend the Games as the chief guest.

It is customary for the Chairperson of the Commonwealth to attend the Games as the chief guest. President Rajapaksa is the incumbent Chairperson.

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