Hon. Jason Kenney issues statement on 31st anniversary of the Black July pogrom

downloadThe Honourable Jason Kenney issued the following statement commemorating the anti-Tamil pogrom commonly known as Black July:
“Thirty one years ago in Sri Lanka, the violent riots against the country’s Tamil population that began in Colombo on July 23 began to spread across the country, resulting in the deaths of hundreds of innocent Tamils and the widespread, wanton destruction of private property.
“Since the events of Black July in 1983, members of Sri Lankan Tamil communities around the world have commemorated this tragedy, while also reflecting on the situation facing the people of Sri Lanka today.
“Canada has been forthright in our condemnation of recent human rights abuses taking place in Sri Lanka, including the intimidation and detention of journalists and the targeting of members of Diaspora groups.
“As we reflect on the violence that swept through Sri Lanka in July of 1983, I am proud to say that Canada remains committed to promoting and upholding our fundamental values of freedom, democracy, human rights and the rule of law.
“We stand with the quarter-million-strong Tamil community in Canada in commemorating the tragic events of Black July.”
As always, please share this message with friends and family.
The Office of the Hon. Jason Kenney, PC, MP
Calgary Southeast

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