Norway not so keen on SL: TNA

DEWwithDharmalingamSiddharthanNorway, which facilitated the peace process between the then Government and the LTTE is now giving less emphasis to the peace building process in Sri Lanka, a TNA politician said yesterday.

During his European visit, TNA Northern Provincial Councillor Dharmalingam Sitharthan is reported to have met Norwegian Foreign Affairs Ministry Officials in Oslo and Swiss Government officials.  

Mr. Sitharathan told Daily Mirror that he had talks with Peace and Reconciliation Assistant Director General Tone E.B. Allers and Senior Advisor Toril Langlete of the Department of Regional Affairs and Development.

“I understand that Norway is less interested in Sri Lanka’s issue. Instead, they have shifted their focus more on the situation in Ukraine which is in their neighbourhood. However, they said they continued to observe the developments in Sri Lanka,” he said.

In Zurich, Mr. Sritharan met of the Political Affairs Directorate Senior Advisor Martin Sturzinger and   Programme Specialist Layla Clement. He said Switzerland keenly looking at Sri Lanka’s situation.

Norway became the second country to facilitate peace talks with the LTTE during the 2000/2004 UNP Government.   Its role drew a lot of criticism from various political parties alleging bias in favour of the LTTE. (Kelum Bandara)

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