Trade is more important than killing of Tamils to BJP

content_image_449940_1406187302Seshadri Chari, National Convener of BJP’s Foreign Policy Cell, today denied a report quoting him as saying that has told that the Tamils issue should be resolved for making progress on bilateral trade and commerce. Referring to a PTI report from last week in this regard, he said he never spoke these words in a seminar there. 

Chari said in Colombo, which he had visited from July 20 to 22, he had expressed his opinion that the Tamils issue was an internal matter of Sri Lanka and should not be internationalised. “I am a votary of greater trade and commerce with Sri Lanka,” he said in a statement here.

A Sri Lanka politician said that the Indian leaders were more keen on trade and commerce with Sri Lanka and not bothered about the discrimination of the Tamils. The Tamils have been discriminated since independence and promises made by the several Sinhala leaders were never implemented. In April 2009 President Mahinda Rajapaksha promised the Indian Leaders and the Western leaders that a 13+political package will be implemented within weeks if he is allowed to kill the LTTE and the world leaders turned away and more than 40,000 Tamil Civilians and more than 1000 LTTE Leaders and their family members who surrendered with white flag were killed by the Sri Lankan forces. But to date promises made by the President Mahinda has never been implemented and is another of those broken promises made by the racist Singhala leaders of the country to the minority.

India had helped the Sri Lankan forces to kill the 40,000 Tamil Civilians and more than LTTE Leaders and their family members who surrendered with white flag, hence is under obligation to help cover up the war crime done by the SL Forces with their help. If the Tamil community which had been dicriminated for more than 60 years by the SL Government takes the problem to International level than the SL Government will be forced to treat every one equally. This will be an eye opener for the ‘untouchable’ Indians and they will demand to be treated equally.

The BJP Leaders like Subramaniam Swamy think as ‘bramin (Hindu upper class) they are above others and are opposed to giving equal rights to minority Tamils in Sri Lanka. He is an anti Tamil and a close associate of Mahinda and is accused of receiving free holidays from SL government.

However, PTI stands by its story which was based on a tape-recorded interview Mr. Chari had given in Singapore to the PTI correspondent on July 25 evening on the sidelines of the seminar he had attended.

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