Will Minister Ranawaka be a honest Buddhist?

champika4Minister Champika Ranawaka has said that he will reveal details about illegal secret transactions and other corrupt deals committed by government politicians and senior government officials, on 5 August 2014. He is a leading Minster of the Mahinda government and a close associate of the President Rajapaksha.
The minister has compiled a book titled, ‘Power and political power’, which records in detail, with evidence, how politicians and officials in power and the petroleum sector were responsible for many acts of sabotage and irregularities causing massive losses to the government.  He has a Minister was unable to stop these fraudulent acts of these politicians and senior government officials as they were Mahinda government supporters.

This book contains information on how, while he was minister, certain officials, with tacit support from politicians, 

  • Tried to prevent progressive action he took to increase profitability in the power sector,
  • How they tried to prevent audit investigations,
  • Disappearance of official reports pertaining to certain power stations,
  • That the CEB did not act according to an approved programme in disbursement of Rs. 17,335 million as fixed rates and that the officers responsible for same are still working in CEB
  • How some officers conspired to buy electricity at high rates from private suppliers in 2010.
  • How officials interfered to cripple the operation of the Yugadanawi Power Station in 2011
  • The disbanding of Cabinet Interim Committee appointed in 2011 to investigate power station closures.

major-nizam-muthaliffThis book will be launched at Foundation Institute on 5 August 2014.

Will the President Rajapaksha take firm action against his party men who had abused the system or will he keep his mouth shut as most of the senior government officials are his close relatives.

Also the presidential election is to be held next year hence he requires their support to win the next presidential election?

Will his Iranian Muslim paymasters react to Chami

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