C4′s Macrae willing to share war info

Callum Macrae,The producer of the controversial documentary videos on Sri Lanka aired by Britain’s Channel 4 television, Callum Macrae, says he is prepared to fully co-operate with the UN led investigation on the war in Sri Lanka.

Macrae had produced a series of videos related to the war, including the ‘No-Fire Zone’ series which alleges war crimes were committed during the final stages of the war in Sri Lanka.

Macrae says that while the proceedings of the investigation by the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) on Sri Lanka is entirely confidential he will be happy to fully co-operate with the investigators when appropriate.

The OHCHR investigation is to look at allegations that war crimes had been committed during the war in Sri Lanka.

The Government has already rejected most parts of Macrae’s videos which accuse the army of human rights abuses. The Tamil Diaspora have already said they are willing to testify before the OHCHR investigation.

Meanwhile the Government appointed Missing Persons Commission is also now looking at allegations of war crimes.

Last week former Norwegian peace envoy Erik Solheim had offered to share information related to the war with the Government Commission.

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