India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka Diplomatic row over espionage


India has urged Sri Lanka to probe the background and events pertaining to Sri Lankans, involved in terrorist activities, suspected of having links with Pakistan’s Inter Services Intelligence (ISI), plotting terror attacks in India.
The Home Ministry of India has sent a letter, which has listed nearly 25 points that needed to be probed by the Sri Lankan officials to arrive at a conclusion regarding the terror plot by the ISI. 

Reliable sources from the National Investigation Agency (NIA) New Delhi, India, told Ceylon Today that India’s Home Ministry has sent a letter to the Public Administration and Home Affairs office in Sri Lanka through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to provide them with all information related to three suspects, one of Sri Lankan origin and the other two, who are frequent visitors from India doing business in Sri Lanka. 

India, over a period of three years, has been probing events linked to the Pakistan based terror outfit, that is alleged to be using Sri Lankans, plotting terror attacks in India. The terror outfit has not been revealed as yet. 
inistry of Foreign Affairs, Tasnim Aslam Khan, when contacted to ascertain as to what measures Pakistan has taken in this regard and would it probe the events linking Pakistanis and Sri Lankans involved in terror activities, told Ceylon Today that Pakistan will not comment on baseless allegations and whatever the dossier or collecting evidences between India and Sri Lanka was not of their concern.

“India’s has been throwing such baseless allegations as usual on Pakistan and lately claims that our diplomats are involved, it’s not worth commenting on it,” she said.
Pakistan’s High Commission, in its response, said “We see this exercise as a nefarious and crude attempt by certain agencies to malign Pakistan, its High Commission in Colombo, and it’s up to the Sri Lankan Government to decide to probe or not.”

The High Commission added that there was no need for a homegrown inquiry as it’s a concocted allegations.
According to him, India’s Ministry of Home Affairs, has listed 25 points that need to be probed by Sri Lankan officials; the background of the suspects and events relating to alleged links with the Pakistani diplomat who was serving in Colombo till last May.

The sources said, “It’s has been an ongoing investigation, for the last three years, over the alleged involvement of a Pakistani diplomat, former Visa Consular Amir Zubair Siddique, who is suspected to be the ‘main conspirator’.
“We have evidence here and we need more evidences from Sri Lanka relating to these persons and the details related to the events that took place with the Pakistani diplomat who had served in Sri Lanka till May. He has been placed under India’s surveillance and we want to get to the bottom of it,” the high placed sources said.
‘We have requested the Sri Lankan Government to work on list of 25 issues what we want to know from Sri Lanka,” the sources noted.

Sri Lanka and India has signed the Mutual Legal Assistant Treaty (MLAT) in 2010 and he claimed Sri Lanka was entitled to furnish details under the accord.
He also said the Ministry of Home Affairs, Sri Lanka will refer the matter to the Attorney General’s Department and to the CID to probe the points furnished by them.

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