Only can happen in Sri Lanka.

downloadThugs & Monks invaded the witness giving place illegally and traspassing the property but the police asked the people who gave the witness to attend the police station.
This should have been an humiliating experience for any civilised country, but not for the Sinhalese government. Men and women were invited to make representations for their missing loved ones. While they were doing so, thugs who were Buddhist monks dashed into the meeting place and disrupted the gathering.
These are regular happenings in Sri Lanka and would have been passed off as one of those many incidence, but for the presence of US, UK. EU and Swiss diplomats. In the presence of these diplomats the Buddhist thugs dared to attack the Tamils, who risked their lives to make representations to the commission.

What would have amazed the diplomats was the fraternal relationship enjoyed by the Buddhist thugs and the police, as you will see in some of the pictures below. Some Buddhist monks even dared to call the bereaved Tamil parents, traitors.

The police told the parents to go to the police station. For what? To give them a torturous lesson on good behaviour.
Please click the two links in the write up below and download the 8 pictures at the bottom to see the conduct of the monks and the frustration of the diplomats.

 (8 photos)

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