Mahinda supporters violate election laws in Badulla – CaFFE

Over 80 vehicles carrying United Peoples Freedom Alliance (UPFA) supporters have camped near Kandeketiya Vidyalaya, after traveling from Mahiyanganaya violating election laws and elections commissioners directives banning rallies and vehicle parades during the last two days of the nominations period states Campaign for Free and Fair Elections (CaFFE).

CaFFE also states a group had threatened election officials, including Kurunegala Deputy Elections Commissioner Namal Thalanganama and policemen near Loggal Oya. It has urged the Commissioner of Elections and DIG Badulla to take steps to disperse these people who are blatantly violating their directives.

CaFFE reminds that the Department of Elections issuing a circular (PCE/2014/UVA/4B) on July 31, 2014 asked political parties, government officers and law enforcement authorities to prevent processions and vehicle parades during the elections period, specially during August 5 and 6 the last two days of the nominations period. In addition the department urged candidates not to disturb students sitting for the GCE AL exams between August 5 and 29 by conducing election propaganda, rallies, vehicle parades and musical shows.

The JVP is the only political party contesting the Uva PC election that has pledged that it would not have any demonstrations or use public address systems during the nominations period so that students and candidates sitting the GCE A/L examination would not be disturbed

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