‘Puppies selling’ poster campaign to insult HR Activists Nimalka Fernando

pet_dogsThe  posters, for selling puppies are mounted near the Fort Railway Station area which include contact number of  Human rights activist  Nimalka Fenando, aim to insult her.

Nimalka Fenando describes the incidents as follows

At about 7.30 am today I received a call purportedly from the Fort Police inquiring from me whether there are some puppies to be sold. I thought it was a nuisance caller and informed him that I am not in dog business. He then informed me that there are some posters in Fort with the mobile number he called(this is my number).  I called the mobile back and asked him the reason for calling me whether he wants to buy the puppies.

He then introduced himself as one Indrajith from the Environment Police Division and said since he took over night duty he saw many small posters put up near the Fort Railway Station area and decided to call me since such act is polluting the area etc. I was also informed that both my mobile numbers were there. I asked him to give me the other number.

I then started dialing the second number and realised that it belongs to Sunil Jayasekera of Free Media Movement !!!! I then also warned him about this matter.

I dispatched a person to take a photograph as well as bring me a copy of this poster.
I am sending you the photograph. The posters were displayed in an around the area in front of the Fort Railway Station where we normally hold our demonstrations.

Oh the dogs are beautiful fellows. I love them anyway!!

Since then I have received calls regularly from the following numbers
077652602 (I called this mobile offering to put him in touch with friends who wish to show him nice dogs – he has given me 14 Galle Road -Colombo 3 as his  contact number. Was very hesitant but I insisted to know his whereabouts)
0332233572 (Gamapaha caller said he saw the news in the internet but I asked him to
give me the site and he could not do so! said he can not remember)

I will now send a letter to Fort Police and IGP requesting them to apprehend any person putting up such posters since this would relate to an offense etc.

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