Rajapakshe Government withholding funds to Northern Province says Chief Minister

Wigneswaran-1The Chief Minister of the Northern Province, C.V. Wigneswaran said the Sinhala government was withholding  300 lakh due to be given to Tamil provinces, whilst publicly announcing it had been delivered.  If the accounts show that the 300lksh had been paid to the Northern province by Colombo government and Northern province have NOT received it to date, where did the money go? was this fund tranfered in to a top politicians Swiss bank account?

“They [the government] are proclaiming to the world that Rs 500 lakh budget has been given to the Northern Province, but the majority Rs 300 lakh of the funds has not been given [to us],” said the Northern Province says Chief Minister Justice Wigneswaran .

The government was meanwhile fooling the world by claiming via press statements on television and in newspapers that all the funds had been delivered, the Chief Minister said. “Only two-fifths of the funds have been given to us, the rest is with the government,” he added, questioning where the rest of the funding was and what the government was doing with the money. 

It is claimed by some press recently that Rajapakshe family members  are investing black money in Swiss bank accounts.

On the 7th August in parliament TNA leader Sampanthan asked ”why  Tamil Members of Parliament of the North and the East are only given Rs. 5 million and Members of Parliament  in Sinhale areas are given Rs. 30 million?”, the bigger question is where did the balance 25 Million due to each Tamil MP go? 

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