Sri Lankan Government notes double standards by British.

David Cameran President Mahinda Rajapaksa andCabinet spokesman Minister Keheliya Rambukwella today accused “5 star” democracies of double standards by demanding freedom of assembly and speech and yet condemning a protest staged by Pro Government Buddhist Monks on a meeting held with the participation of Tamil families of the disappeared and some diplomats in Maradana this week..

Speaking at the weekly post cabinet press briefing today, the Minister noted that the British Government had allowed protests to take place against President Mahinda Rajapaksa when he had last visited Britain.

However he says Britain and a few other countries had objected to the protest staged against a meeting held with the participation of families of the disappeared and some diplomats in Maradana this week. “There is a feeling that one sector of people are being taken care of by some interested parties with western interests,” Rambukwella said.

Rajapakshe brothers are accused of War Crime as they were involved in giving orders to kill more than 40,000 Tamil civilians in May 2009 in Mullivaikal. 

Also more than 1000 LTTE Leaders and their family members who surrendered with white flag were killed by the Sri Lankan forces after UN officers negotiated the surrender. When UN officer who negotiated the White flag surrender of the LTTE Leaders and their family members was questioned about the killing, he said that ”I went to sleep after the negotiation of the surrender”. The killing of the surrendered LTTE members and their family members with white flag is embarrassing to the UN office as in future no conflicting parties will  have any trust on them as the Sri Lankan Army who killed the surrendered LTTE members are unpunished and are laughing at the the UN.

Sri Lankan government is using its supportive Sinhala racist parties to threaten the Tamil community who want justice and want to know why their relatives mostly civilians were killed by the SL Forces. Parents and next of skins of the Tamils missing in Sri Lanka are threatened by governments paramilitary members to not to complain.

He also insisted that the police acted in the best way possible to bring the situation under control when tensions erupted at the venue of the meeting in Maradana. Insted of taking action on the Monks who distrupted the peaceful meeting of the family members whos family members are accused of being kidnapped and killed by the governments para military group, The police had asked the family members to report to the police station and taken their details possibly to be accused as LTTE  members or involved in breaking the law.

A pro government  mob of  Buddhist monks had on Monday threatened Tamil families of missing people who were attending a meeting organized by a Non-Governmental Organization in Maradana with US, British and French deplomats.

The meeting was organized at the Centre for Society and Religion (CSR), at Dean’s Road, Maradan to listen to the plight of the Tamil families of those missing and was attended by some foreign diplomats as well.

Organisers told the Colombo Gazette that one hour into the meeting, which was by invite only, a group of monks and some 20 others had attempted to enter the premises and disrupt the meeting. The mob hurled verbal abuse towards the Tamil families of the missing who were at the meeting and also at the organizers. The police later arrived at the scene but found it difficult to control the mob for several minutes. 

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