TNA Has to Activate Inself

922976_371507369624796_475705882_nWith pain in my heart, I pen this article. There is no end to the atrocities committed against the Tamils in Sri Lanka. There was a 11 year old girl, who was so severely raped until she bled. Reckless Sinhalese driver killed a Tamil and injuring others and just disappeared into the military camp. A Tamil student in a southern university was kidnapped and disappeared without any trace. Vast areas of grazing land was taken over for Sinhalese colonisation. The list of crimes committed against the Tamils is endless.
Yet there not much of protest on the sufferings of the Tamils has emerged. The Tamil Nadu Tamils are putting pressure on Delhi to do its part. Their protests are on going and unending. The Tamil Diaspora, in spite of their daily responsibilities, are active. They made sure Rajapaksa did not attend the Glasgow Commonwealth Games. During the May 2009 Genocide, they went into the streets in London day and night. Can the Tamil Nadu and the Diaspora do anything in the Tamil Homeland? Nothing. Only the TNA can do a lot for the Tamils there, but the question is ‘what are they doing?’ Not much, anybody would say. Even if they did it is not visible.
What can the TNA do? They can do a lot.. They cannot say that the 6th Amendment prevents them from claiming their legitimate rights. They have a right to protest, which some of the TNA members do; most no them are rarely seen joining the Tamil demonstrators. Delivering speeches in parliament is not sufficient. Joining the people not only gives them confidence, but also gives them solace and comfort.
They should keep the International Community and India informed frequently. Of course, the embassies in Colombo will keep their respective governments informed, but the letters will merely go into their files and nothing more. If TNA leaders write to them regularly, they will have to respond. Especially. India has to be updated, as that country has a responsibility to the Tamils in their Homeland. In law there is a dictum that justice must not only be done, but must also be seen to be done. Similarly, TNA must be seen to be doing what it should be doing. It is no use of telling the public that they are working diplomatically and legally. There is nothing secretive about it
Please see how the Kurds are able to galvanise the other affected communities to protest for their rights. It is the duty of every Tamil in the world to solve the insoluble Sinhalese crimes committed against the Tamils. Please see the link below.
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