Tamil student at Sabaragamuwa University arrested by TID

images (11)Sri Lanka’s Terrorist Investigation Division (TID) has detained another Tamil student from Sabaragamuwa University, following his discharge from hospital where he was receiving treatment after being attacked. 

Santhirakumar Sutharshan from Muhamalai was arrested on his return to the university hostel by Sri Lanka’s TID. The student had been receiving treatment at Balangoda and Ratnapura after he had been attacked on Sunday. 

Following Sutharshan’s arrest, his parents were told that he had been sent to the infamous 4th floor of Sri Lanka’s Criminal Investigation Department in Colombo.

Another Tamil youth, second-year student Yoganathan Nirojan, was arrested on Tuesday and is also being detained at the 4th floor.

Earlier this month, a Tamil student was attacked and severely beaten by masked men. He was admitted to hospital with his injuries. Meanwhile, posters appeared across the university campus warning Tamil and Muslim students to leave or be killed, accusing them of being members of the LTTE. Listing the names of Tamil and Muslim students, one poster, written in broken Tamil, read: “Muslim, Tamil students do not study here, if you do, we will shoot and kill. Women – rape you and kill.. otherwise shoot and kill”.
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