25000 acres of acquired land gone in to Government politicians…………

land_grabThere are no substantial information on over 25,000 acres of land acquired by the government under Land Reform Act No. 1 of 1972 and its amendments, said  a higher official attached to Ministry of Land and Land Development.

According to ‘Divaina’ news paper, he has further stated that there are heavy suspicions rising weather they were acquired by the politicians or distributed among their acquaintances.

The governments which came into power since 1972 failing to follow a proper method has led to the particular situation, he has said.

According to Land Reform Commission reports, 153,442 hectares of land were provided to Janatha Estates Development Board (JEDB), however according to JEDB reports it has been only provided with 140,761.03 hectares of land.

In addition, though the Land Reform Commission reports claim that Sri Lanka State Plantation Corporation was provided with 117,753 hectares of land, according to  Sri Lanka State Plantation Corporation reports only 94,571.45 hectares of land have been granted for their use.

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