Sri Lanka Air force kills 61 school children and wounds 129 in Vallipunam on the 14 August 2006

Mannar Bishop Rt. Rev. Rayappu JosephSri Lankan Police Constables and Intelligence officers have threatened and harassed the relatives and families of missing persons not to appear in front of the Presidential Commission on Missing Persons They even went to the extent of telling the people that there will be no use in appearing in front of the SLPC. 

Rev Rayappu Joseph has expressed his frustration that the police cannot be trusted and there is no law and order in Sri Lanka. He speaks in the sound cloud on the matter. In this sun cloud a few other tubes, where Chief Minister Wigneswaran speaks. Ananthi came in another tube where she gave a full account of her experiences in Mullivaaykkal and how she surrendered her husband to the army. Don’t think with Rev. Rayappu’s talk the sun cloud is over. At the end of his talk click at the other links and you will get the speeches of the other two or perhaps more speeches.

This is the faith the Tamils place on the Navy and the police. The villagers caught a Sinhalese attempted rapist, whom they assaulted and handed him over to the police. This time they didn’t make the mistake the villagers made in the case of the 11 year old girl’s rapist. There they caught the rapist and handed him over to the police. In this case the villagers took a photo of the attempted rapist and release the photo in the media and told the navy to send him in front of the magistrate. 

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