Sri Lanka Air force kills 61 school children and wounds 129 in Vallipunam on the 14 August 2006

sencholai_children-genocideOne of the Worst Terrorist carried out by the Sri Lankan state terrorists was this.Sencholai children Masscare by Srilanka sencholai malargal produced by Multi Screen Entz …in the Shadow of a Ceasefire

  • Sri Lanka Air force kills 61 school children and wounds 129 in Vallipunam,  14 August 2006 [TamilNet, August 14, 2006 04:15 GMT]  Also in Streaming Video

ஓ….எங்கள் குரல் கேட்கிறதா ?.

Thambirasa Lakiya (17), Mahalingam Vensidiyoola (17), Thuraisingam Sutharsini (17), Nagalingam Theepa(19), Thambirasa Theepa (19), Thirunavukkarasu Niranjini (18), Raveenthirarasa Ramya (18), Kanapathipillai Nanthini (18), Vijayabavan Sinthuja (18), Naguleswaran Nishanthini (17),  Tharmakulasingam Kemala (19), Arulampalam Yasothini (18) Muthaih Indra (18), Murugaiah Arulselvi (18), Sivamoorthy Karthikayini (18), Santhanam Sathyakala (20) Kanagalingam Nirupa (17), Kanagalingam Nirusa (17), Navaratnam Santhakumari (18), Nagalingam Kokila(19), Sivamayajeyam Kokila, Shanmugarasa Paventhini, Balakrishnan Mathani (18), Sivanantham Thivya (18), Thambirasa Suganthini (18). S Vathsalamary (20), Thanabalasingam Bakeerathy (19), Thanikasalam Thanusa (19), Pathmanathan Kalaipriya (18), Markupillai Kelansuthayini (18), Rasamohan Hamsana (19), Vivekanantham Thadchayini (18), Santhakumar Sukirtha (19), Uthayakumaran Kousika (19), Nallapillai Ninthija(18), Veerasingam Rajitha (18), Thamilvasan Nivethika (18), Suntharam Anoja (17), Puvanasekaram Puvaneswari (17), Kiritharan Thayani (17), Mahalingam Vasantharani (18),  Thuraisingam Thisani (18), Vairavamoorthy Kirithika (19), Chandramohan Nivethika (17), Sellam Nirojini, Tharmarasa Brintha (17), Thevarasa Sharmini (17), Varatharaja Mangaleswari (17), Rasenthiraselvam Mahilvathani (18), Nilayinar Nivakini (17), Kubenthiraselvam Lihitha (19), Chandrasekaran Vijayakumari (27), Kandasamy Kumarasamy (48), Solomon Singarasa (65), S Jeyarubi (20)

Q: Was there any evidence to prove it was an LTTE training camp of some kind?  A: It was a training camp – but for first aid. We found no traces at all for military training or military equipment. Interview by Ulf  Henricsson, Swedish Head of  Sri Lanka Monitoring Mission

 “..On 14th of August, the government forces deliberately bombed a girl’s orphanage killing 60 girls and wounding 120 who were between the ages of 15 and 18… … in our view the US has given the government of Sri Lanka a “green light” to undertake actions that violate humanitarian law under the pretext that due to the unabated demonization of the Tamils by Sri Lankan and US authorities, no one will dare defend them, and in any case, no one will be able to do anything about it. However, because now the UN independent experts, UNICEF and UNHCR have spoken up, and because the UN is in a process to reform its work, we hope that the Sub-Commission, which as rightly undertaken to address attacks against medical and other protected persons in time of war, will inform the Council of its concerns regarding Sri Lanka and the situation of the Tamil people and will request that the Council act.”

 Mass Killing of School Children – Failure of UN bodies To Act Constitutes A Violation of  their Duties  – International Federation of Tamils,15 August 2006

“..Because the verified examples of grave breaches of the Geneva Conventions at the hands of the Sri Lankan government force all parties to the Geneva Conventions to take requisite action in conformity with Common Article 1, we await action from UN human rights bodies and Member States. As in the situation in Lebanon, it is not sufficient for human rights bodies, Member States of the United Nations, or High Contracting Parties of the Geneva Conventions to remain silent. Failure to act when on notice by the ICRC, the UNHCR and UNICEF as well as numerous NGOs would itself constitute a violation of the duties of human rights bodies, and would indicate that the attempts to reform UN action on human rights have failed…”

 US fails to condemn Chencholai killings and expresses no sympathy to the families of  the Tamil school children killed by Sri Lanka Airforce But… Tamils in Vanni mourn for school children killed in airstrike Oru Paper in London – Poster Mourning the Dead SL Military had ‘precise coordinates’ of bombed peace zone UNICEF: “UNICEF staff from a nearby office immediately visited the compound to assess the situation”  –

“UNICEF staff from a nearby office immediately visited the compound to assess the situation and to provide fuel and supplies for the hospital as well as counselling support for the injured students and the bereaved families. “These children are innocent victims of violence,” said Ann M. Veneman, UNICEF Executive Director. “We call on all parties to respect international humanitarian law and ensure children and the places where they live, study and play are protected from harm””

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