2 kilos of heroin of 11 kilos haul, sold while in police custody

2082Kudu_sells_Borella_police_J(Lanka-e-News- 13.Aug.2014, 4.30PM) Sri Lanka is indeed a Rajapakse miracle in the making ! Believe it or not , 2 kilos of the total heroin haul of 11 kilos that was taken into custody by the Borella police on July 15 th , had been sold to a heroin dealer by the police itself . After this was trapped red handed , in order to save the police higher ups , two subordinate police officers were put forward as pawns , produced in court , and were bailed out.

It is learnt that infamously famous senior DIG Anura Senanayake is at the bottom of this heroin deal conspiracy, according to reports reaching Lanka e news inside information division. Though 11 kilos of heroin were taken into custody at Nagahawatte , Wanathamulla on July 15 th , only 9 kilos of the haul were declared . .That is two kilos have been sold under the counter. Along with the heroin , a super luxury Toyota Allion car No. M P K C 4930 too was taken into custody.

The OIC of Borella police IP Priyadahrshana and his group carried out a huge publicity campaign via the media about this detection. After giving publicity to the 9 kilos of the 11kilos heroin haul, as court production the Borella police had recorded 9 kilos heroin and the Allion car. 

They were under the custody of the Police reserve OIC .
On the 10 th evening , that is , day before yesterday , it was Dhanasiri (51791) who acted as the Borella police reserve OIC. IP Priyadharshana , the OIC had arrived on this day and taken the Allion car in the custody of reserve officer Dhanasiri , and left the police station in it along with Ashoka PC 85894, Nilanga PC 71713,Suhada Arachci PC 10183. The car was driven by Dimuthu PC 81521.

The two kilos of heroin out of the 11 kilos haul were taken into the possession of the OIC Priyadharshana IP himself before leaving the station. He had then got in another vehicle that arrived at a hotel in Mt. Lavinia leaving the police constables who were taking liquor, and headed for Negombo after instructing the drinking constables to come to Negombo to pick him up. 

Priyadharshana had told the group to come to Negombo with the vehicle to fetch him in order that he can return after he has sold the heroin to a dealer and collected cash.

The police officers who were heavily drunk by that time had gone to Negombo ,picked up their OIC and while returning , unfortunately for them their vehicle had met with an accident in front of the Magazine prison within eyeshot distance of Borella police.

Following this accident, the police group in the vehicle who knew that the whole inside story of their illegal actions will come to light , has arranged for the production of Dhanasiri who gave permission to take the vehicle out and the driver of the vehicle Dimuthu in court on the 11 th .

Interestingly , the senior DIG Anura Senanayake who is behind these heroin businesses is a close crony of kudu Duminda . He had spoken to the judge ,( one of the many fudging judges of this regime ), and the culprits were enlarged on bail. Subsequently they were interdicted. 

The raging lawlessness and injustice in the country can be gauged from the fact that the court that remanded for two long weeks ,four Muslim youths who sent innocuous sms messages, deemed it right to release the culprit police officers (mind you law enforcing officers at that !) involved in an accident following sale of heroin that was in the custody of the police.

It is significant to note , owing to these brazen and outrageous involvement of police officers and politicos in heroin businesses , and the impunity enjoyed by them under this regime , the UNP made a request in Parliament recently to conduct an audit investigation into the heroin hauls taken into custody by the police and the Customs on various occasions, as those heroin quantities are not duly in the custody of the courts or the police .

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