MaRa’s commission to probe disappearances – one expert is Gadaffi’s lawyer

2139Mangala_2014_Press_J(Lanka-e-News- 14.Aug.2013, 8.30PM) It has now come to light that the three so called international specialists appointed to the Presidential commission of the Rajapakse regime to inquire into those who disappeared during the war are winners of trophies in the field of saving the incriminated guilty superiors at the expense of the innocent inferiors. One of the so called specialists is a notorious individual who came forward to rescue the dictator Gaddafi during the Libyan political upheaval . These appointments have been made in order to save the President who is the defense minister and Gota the defense secretary against whom there are grave war crime charges, and to fasten those charges on a number of seniors of the forces , Mangala Samaraweera

A former foreign Minister Mangala Samaraweera declared in public that he is prepared to give evidence before Rajapakse commission or even international investigation committee appointed by Geneva human rights commission against the brutal human rights violations committed by the LTTE and Rajapakse regime .Who are these three so called international advisors appointed to Rajapakse Presidential commission ?he inquired.

Sir Desmond De Silva , Sir Jeffrey Nice and Dr.David Michael Crane , were three world’s reputed lawyers who have given a report already on behalf of the UN organization pertaining to the human rights violations. Recently , De Silva – Crane jointly have issued a report regarding the killing of about 11000 political prisoners in Syria.

Although these three international lawyers are apparently extraordinary lawyers , it is evident they have been appointed by the Rajapakse regime with an ulterior motive when seen against the background of these lawyers and when probed in profundity, Mangala stated.

Silva is a Rajapakse ‘whitewasher’
Sir Desmond De Silva is the grandson of George E De Silva (member of the first cabinet of independent SL). It is an open secret that he was fully preoccupied with whitewashing the Rajapakse regime through his public sermons after the conclusion of the LTTE war. He is one against whom there are allegations that he is whitewashing the SL government before the British government , and repudiating the charges of human rights violations hurled against the SL government.

The British government entrusted the independent investigation into a well known murder to Desmond De Silva in 1989.According to a report in the Guardian newspaper of 12-02-12 of England , Ms.Geraldine Finuken had alleged that Silva’s report on her husband’s death as absolutely false and rejected it as just a whitewashing to camouflage the truth, with a view to saving the government and its Ministers .

Jeffrey Nice – Gadaffi’s lawyer 
Nice is a professor of law and a specialist on diplomatic immunity of State leaders . It was Nice who was selected by Gadaffi to appear on his behalf when it was decided to haul up Gadaffi before the international criminal court (ICC).

However before that , Gadaffi was murdered by his people of the country whereby Nice was denied the opportunity of defending Gadaffi . In any event , presently , Nice is appearing on behalf of Gadaffi’s son , Saif Gadaffi.

Dr. Crane’s putrid antecedence..
Dr. Crane is an expert specialized in rescuing dictators and despots facing charges of war crimes. 

On 28th September 2009, the President of Papua Guinea, the dictator Mousadis Camara of that country killed over 156 protestors of the opposition who staged demonstrations .Amidst international protests against these crimes , the Mousadis regime appointed a war crime investigation in 2010.

It was Dr. Crane who compiled the report of that investigation. During that investigation Crane foisted all the charges on a low rank officer of the forces and exonerated Camara of all charges. 

While that dictator President had ordered the forces not to enter the places where there were factions who are against the forces , by citing that ground ,Dr. Crane held that the chief of the forces acted in violation of that instruction , and took steps to free the dictator of his charges. Consequently , Crane has earned a reputation based on his putrid antecedence as capable of rescuing the superiors who gave orders , and betraying the inferior officers of the forces.

In the circumstances , at least from now on ,the people of the country should use their sane and sensible thinking power to understand , the President who is indulging in his favorite histrionics on every public platform saying , he is prepared to face even the electric chair punishment on behalf of the forces ; and together with his defense secretary Gotabaya Rajapakse are jointly scheming most craftily and plotting most secretly to betray the forces ,’ Mangala Samaraweera pinpointed.

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