UN panel will investigate on war crimes reported during last 19 days



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United Nation will hold investigations on war crimes reported during the last 19 days, Divaina newspaper reports

According to the Pro government newspaper Diviana UN investigation panel appointed by the UNHRC commissioner will hold investigations on war crimes reported since 1st to 19th May, 2009, when more than 40,000 Tamil Civilians were killed by the Sri Lankan forces in Mullivaikal.

Pro government newspaper Diviana  says that the panel will never pay their attentions for war crimes committed by the LTTE within the past 30 years.

The UN panel focuses to investigate death of 16 LTTE leaders including Pulithevan and Nadesan who were the first to surrender with white flag after UN negotiated the surrender. Pro government Sinhala newspaper reports.

Pulithevan and Nadesan were among more than 1000 LTTE Leaders and their family members who were killed by the Sri Lankan forces after being taken with white flag by the Sri Lankan forces. At present they are collecting evidently to this regards,

Pro government Sinhala newspaper reports Newspaper further noted member testifies against the Lankan government will receive asylum at Switzerland (or they will be killed by the Sri Lankan forces? or added to the Black list of the Sri Lankan government?)

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Presidential candidate and former Military Commander Sarath Fonseka stated, Sri Lanka’s defense Secretary Gottabaya Rajapakse ordered to kill the three important leaders of the Tamil Eelam Liberation tigers who came to surrender.

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