Appointments have been made based on cronyism and political affiliation

70485_anura-kumara-disanayaka-pic-by-sarath-30The JVP is planning to expose the academic and professional qualifications of those who have been enrolled to the foreign service, on the basis of cronyism and overlooking merit.
These appointments have been made based on cronyism and political affiliation, claimed JVP Leader Anura Kumara Dissanayake.
He noted that appointments made in the foreign service devoid of merit, deprived a fundamental right of the people of this country. Dissanayake said he was discussing the matter with his lawyers to see whether it could be brought before Court.

He charged such cronies have been appointed without having to sit any foreign service exam. Dissanayake said after exposing such wrongdoings in the foreign service, in Parliament recently, he had received more information on those appointments made violating procedures.

He said only the appointments of ambassadors and high commissioners, by the President, have been made on merit.
Among those misdeeds is the appointment of an Opposition MP’s daughter to the foreign service, because of that MP’s connection to a powerful government MP who exercises influence over the External Affairs Ministry

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