Testifying on War crimes is not a violation of the Constitution

killing 13The Tamil National Alliance Party has said that there is no charge in witnessing before the United Nation Investigation Team about the war crime real incidents that took place during the time of war.

Testifying on War crimes before the International Community is not a violation of the Constitutional law.

The Tamil National Alliance Party has also said that the ruling party Government of Srilanka must understand, for the witnessing on the war crimes there is a provision in the Constitution bill.

The above Statements were made by the Tamil National Alliance Party Member of the Parliament M.A. Sumanthiran, while answering the question about the Testimony of the people regard to the Srilankan war crimes in front of the U.N. Investigation Team whether it is against the Constitutional law or not.

That is why we have invited the people’s testimony from the beginning with regard to the war crimes at Srilanka’s North East Provinces during the war time and the International violation of Human Rights committed by the army as per the commands of the ruling party government of Srilanka.

There is no crime in providing the evidence to the appropriate places. Because we have got every right to report the war crime incidents and the violation of Human Rights events that actually took place during the time of war.

The ruling party government of Srilanka is terming the war crime incident testimony as the crime against the Constitutional law, in order to prevent the evidences and witnesses to appear before the International Court.

But in the Constitution there is enough space to accommodate the testifying of the war crimes committed during the time of war.
But unfortunately, so far neither the ruling party government of Srilanka, nor the Media Spokesperson could understand this fact, but at least in the near future they should understand

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