Sri Lanka government upset by good O/L, A/L results of Tamil students in UK.

56907769-1aed-43e1-be6d-c3ceb6fba54a-460x276The Sri Lankan government has instructed his diplomats to frame all Tamil schools in European Union countries in which there is a substantial population of Tamils from Sri Lanka, as LTTE supported organisations.

This is done to stop the Tamil community educating their children Tamil and religion.  In These Weekend schools Tamil, Hinduism and Christianity  free of charge and all other academic subjects and arts and music from junior to A/L are taught  in these weekend schools which have helped improve their standard at there schools. The children are charged a nominal fee and most of these schools are non profitable run by committees appointed among the parents of children in the school.

In UK most of the Tamil students have achieved high level of marks  in the A/L  results announced last Thursday the 14th of August and most of the Children have received A* in the O/L results announced yesterday. Three children of a single Tamil family in London received 11A* each. The parents thanked the school and the weekend Tamil school which had helped the children towards good results.

 This high standard of results by the Tamil students have upset the Sri Lankan government who have used ‘Standardisation’ a system run by the government which allows the majority community Sinhala students who receive lower marks than minority  Tamils to enter universities in Sri Lanka. This discriminative educational policy introduced by the Sri Lankan government was the starting point of Tamil youths loosing confidence in the racist Sri Lankan government and was forced to take armes to protect their rights in Sri Lanka.

Hence unconfirmed news is that the Sri Lankan government have instructed its diplomats to use there influence with there representative governments to take steps to close these weekend schools in Europe which helps the Tamil children between the ages of 4 and 21 years to succeed in their studies.

As a first step Sri Lanka’s Ambassador to the UN in Geneva, Ravinatha Aryasinha, took the first step to please his racist leaders by saying that ”the LTTE has established “Madrassa-type” schools to “ferment the radicalization of  Tamil youth, and glorify terrorism and martyrdom” and wants the governments to close these weekend schools which helps Tamil students to get higher standard in O/L, A/L exams and enter best universities in Europe.

Speaking at the Ministry of Defence conclave in Sri Lanka said that students of these schools are forced to participate in propaganda events organized by the LTTE and its front organizations. He also said that an estimated 20,000 Tamil students between the ages of 4 and 21 years are studying in more than 300 “Tamil Cholai” (language)  schools functioning in Europe under different names. They receive host government funding in some cases, but in actuality, are directly or indirectly administered by the LTTE, and generate their own funds, Aryasinha said.

He also said that however, the law enforcement agencies in the EU, are vigilant and have taken action against the LTTE. Since the end of the war in Lanka in May 2009 where more than 40,000 Tamil civilians were killed by the Sri Lankan forces in May 2009, 32 LTTE activists had been arrested and 21 convicted. Aryasinha pointed out that the recently released EU Terrorism Situation and Trend Report 2014 (TE-SAT 2014) of the EUROPOL had observed that LTTE networks remain in numerous countries, and continued to attempt to rebuild their structures and operating capabilities, especially via fundraising and money laundering. The report said that in Switzerland, for instance, police continued to investigate the activities of a number of former LTTE members. The investigation focused primarily on operations aimed at channeling funds collected on Swiss territory to Sri Lanka.

But non of these had anything to do with the Tamil schools in Europe hence it is clear that  Sri Lanka’s Ambassador to the UN in Geneva, Ravinatha Aryasinha is confused with what he was saying or trying to mislead the European leaders by trying to link LTTE with the Tamil School and only trying to please his masters to hold on to his job in UN.

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