Gary Anandasangaree Wins Nomination as Scarborough Rouge Park Constituency Liberal Party Candidate for Canadian Parliamentary Elections.

IMG_7813Gary Anandasangaree has won the nomination election for the Scarborough Rouge Park constituency on behalf of the Liberal Party in Canada.

On 20th August, nomination election was held to select the next Federal Liberal candidate for the Scarborough Rouge-Park constituency for the general election to be held in 2015 in Canada.

The three candidates for the nomination race were Gary Anandasangaree, Bhardwaj Ashwani and Michael Johnson. Despite the series of slander, false allegation and propaganda on Gary has crossed all the hurdles.

Gary Anandasangaree, a human rights activist and a lawyer, has dedicated the better part of his adult life to fighting all forms of inequality and injustice.

Over the years, Gary has worked to bring issues that are of great importance to the Tamil community to the forefront and has worked to find a constructive solution forward. He has during the last twenty years, been a tireless advocate in the areas of youth issues, social justice and human rights.

Gary is a firm believer in empowering and providing young persons with the necessary tools to become leaders in the community. He has and continues to be a strong supporter of initiatives undertaken by the youth of our community. As a lawyer, Gary has been a strong advocate in assisting young persons who have been suspended or expelled from school. Through his intervention, many young persons in our community have been able to return to school.

Similarly, Gary has been integral in ensuring that the Government of Sri Lanka is kept on the agenda of the UN Human Rights Council. During each session of the UN HRC session in Geneva, Gary has regularly given voice to those who, would otherwise be silenced.

Among the hundreds of people he has assisted over the years, are those who arrived on board the MV Sun Sea in Vancouver, British Columbia. Upon learning about the imminent arrival, on his own initiative and without hesitation, Gary flew from Toronto to Vancouver to ensure those who sought refuge on our shores were treated according to our legal obligations and with the dignity they deserve.

Tamil Canadians of Scarborough Rouge-Park deserve a candidate who will best represent their needs in Ottawa. Gary is the right person for Scarborough Rouge-Park. His track record over the past twenty years is proof of his work ethic, determination and dedication to working for our community.

Gary is also a Board member of the Youth Challenge Fund, Member of the Police Chief’s Advisory Board, member of the United Way Newcomers Grants program and is also past chair of the Canadian Tamil Youth Development Centre.

(Compiled from news reports in Canada based websites)

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