Grave Mistake by Muslim Leaders!

8 DummY Muslim MinistersThe Sri Lanka Muslim Congress (SLMC) has made a grave error by supporting the 18th Amendment when it was introduced by the government, Hasan Ali, General Secretary of the party told Ceylon Today.

He said the SLMC has to accept that grave error, adding that the party’s stance to support the Amendment, was not made clear to most of the members. “Our Party made the gravest mistake by supporting the 18th Amendment, and there were some members who were compelled to support the Amendment. Therefore, we had no other choice than to support it,” he said.
Ali added that when important matters, and important decisions were taken; it was not discussed with party members.

However, he said it was at the people’s request that all Muslim parties decided to contest together at the forthcoming Uva Province elections. The people had shown that some racial groups wished to target the Muslims in the country. It was evaluating the situation, that the Muslims got together to display their unity that they were powerful, and decided to contest together in the Uva elections,” he said.

Ali said the SLMC will carefully take a decision regarding the upcoming Presidential and Parliamentary elections by adopting the strategies and policies of M.H.M Ashraff.

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