Why did the Tamil Tigers lose in Sri Lanka?

Why did the Tamil Tigers lose in Sri Lanka?

MahindaToHitler_LnWReason one for Tamil tigers lost 
Tamil Tigers had to fight with 9 countries military power (India, Pakistan, Japan,China, Russia, ETC )
All these countries were providing Srilanka with military training, weapons , war planes etc etc.
Sri lanka alone no way able to make tamil tigers lose. Sri lanka only good at raping the tamil girls as young as 14 years old.Reason Two : Srilankan government was using banned weapons in the war , chemical weapons ,cluster bombs etc etc.

Reason three : Srilankan government f was targetting the innocent tamil civilians, goverment forces was bombing the no fire zone , civilians hospitals , schools , temple, church , etc etc.

Reason four : Sri lankan government forces was holding the tamil innocent civilians as human shield so the tamil tigers was not able to use their full firepower.

Sri lankan genocidal government propagandists are doing a job welldone. It seems like any time they see topic/questions/article about tamils/tamil tigers the sinhala propagandists don’t go to work they stay home and mislead and brainswash the public by posting false. Sri lanka instead of wasting money on propaganda/Lobbying/Bribing should spend that money on developing the north and East.


A combination of several factors: 
1. Political will to finish LTTE terrorism once and for all. (Such political leadership would later rubbish international calls to exercise restraint in attacking civilian areas and hospitals etc under the guise of taking out terrorists. Anyways finishing off LTTE is a good thing, but 40,000 civilians losing lives in the final stages of the war is not; those who got the lines blurred and overstepped the rules of engagement must be held to account.) 

2. Battle-hardened, seasoned military leadership (Gen Sarath Fonseka) who believed the Tamil Tigers can be defeated militarily (as opposed to many before him that believed otherwise) and him appointing talented, relatively young but battle-hardened soldiers as field commanders, bypassing seniors with tonnes of badges on their uniforms but little talent. Battle plans devised by the reinvigorated army took the enemy by surprise in the war especially from 2007 till its end in 2009. The president of the country (referred to in No: 1 above) would later imprison his top military general (Gen Fonseka) on trumped-up charges to keep the General from challenging him in politics, but that’s a different matter. 

3. Unprecedented allocations from the country’s budget for procuring military hardware and training etc. 

4. Tamil Tigers had an unprecedented split in its ranks in 2004-2005 when one of its most senior military leaders (“Colonel Karuna”) broke away due to differences between him and LTTE leader, and in the process sent home thousands of foot-soldiers under his command. His cadres would later provide valuable insight into the terror outfit and identify its weaknesses and also fought the LTTE alongside the Sri Lankan Army. Having defected from the world’s most feared terror outfit, “Col.” Karuna is now a cabinet minister of the Sri Lankan government. 

5. Guerrilla warfare unit of the Sri Lankan Army (a.k.a. LRRP or Long Range Reconnaissance patrol – also fondly known as the “Ghost Brigade” or “Mahasohon Balakaaya” in the local language) who would give the Tamil Tigers huge doses of their own medicine by taking out Tamil Tiger leaders in their own backyard, deep inside enemy territory. LTTE lost dozens of its top brass due to surprise attacks and ambushes conducted by LRRP. This proved to be an effective method rather than waiting for the LTTE leadership to be killed in conventional battle. 

Prabhakaran, the LTTE leader was killed in North-East Sri Lanka on the last day of the war and his death had little or no bearing on them losing the war. They had already lost by then.

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